I dreamed about my death

Okay, so I wasn’t going to mention this before I finished the article and left to go for a ride yesterday however some things just kind of stuck; so I didn’t go for a ride for the Century Sunday. Saturday night I had a strange dream that was of me riding my bike in the rain coming back down Fountain Hill and my tire blew out causing me to be run over by a car. I’ve had many odd dreams like this in my life and all of them came true, one dream if I didn’t listen to it I would’ve died in a plane crash in the Everglades years ago.

After I finished the article I started thinking about the dream as I started to get my bike stuff out and get ready to roll out the door. When I brought my bike into the kitchen the spot in my rear tire that had gotten patched on Saturday had started bulging out. Seeing the bulge in the tire told me why my tire would blow out as it looked like it was gonna give as it sits that in the kitchen. I started mentioning the dream to Annika as I went into the bike room to look at other tires and reached for my cycling kit which for some reason was not dry yet, an odd thing since my kits are always dry on the same day. It was if something was saying don’t go. After a bit of contemplating it, I decided to pass on the ride. Something told me that if I would go that it would be my last day alive.

Annika and I decided to take my bike to Dave at Bike Barn and have him install my Hardshell tires so that I can ride the Century today instead. As time passed through the morning I began taking all of my bags off of my bike, I even removed my arrow bars. I had to make this a different bike and do all I could to erase the chance of that dream coming true. Dave swapped out my tires and yes the patch was worn out, the tires wouldn’t have made it on the ride if I’d went.

Now my bike has the Specialized Power Arc saddle on it again, just to be different from my bike in the dream. Now to top things off when it comes to the dream is when we went to the store to grab a drink on the way to see Dave. I mentioned to the clerk that I passed on riding my 100-mile bike ride and he said I luckily missed the rain? We were in awe as what were the chances of rain bein gas nothing was on the weather. He said it rained at 5am which would be the time of me coming back from Fountain Hills.

Pugsley learned to swim
Pugsley learned to swim

The decision to enjoy the day with family and take Pugsley swimming took priority over going for any bike ride. The whole day turned into family day as Annika and I went back to buy some new swim trunks and took Pugsley swimming at Annika’s parents while we all had dinner together. Yesterday to me was a great way of celebrating life. Pugsley jumped in the pool with us and swam around a little with us, it was awesome.

Given the dream and how real life it seemed, I’m not going to ride the century until next Sunday and today I am spending it with Annika. I will go out on my bike on Tuesday to get the bike rides rolling and progress up through the week, I don’t think I’ll ride near Fountain Hills for a while.

Okay gang, many hugs and thanks for the support; yes this is short however today I’m just gonna chill with my awesome wife. See you all tomorrow.

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  1. Wow! I’ve never had something like that happen to me before, but I’ve had gut feelings that proved right, and I had dreams which helped me find things that I’ve lost. But that brings a whole new meaning to “follow your dreams!” That’s crazy!

    1. ikr, years back i had a dream that my plane the next morning was gonna crash. i went to the airport and i was telling my friends that brought m ethat i felt i needed to cancel the trip and go a different day. right before i was supposed to board my flight i decided i’d rather not fly so we left and I got a new ticket for the next day. when i got to the airport for my new flight the next day it was rather busy and weird there however i caught my flight all was good. when i arrived at my destination my family was calling me because it was on the news that the orignal flight i was supposed to be on crashed in the everglades in florida.

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