Migraines are getting worse

So not too long ago I started getting migraines and since then they’ve not stopped; they’ve continued to get worse. Yesterday Annika and I went on a Lyft Scooter ride for simple enjoyment and when we returned we wanted to go to Lowes to look over some things for our gym and bike room. Within a few minutes of our arrival at Lowes, I had to go directly home due to a migraine coming on so strong that I had to go to bed.

For some reason lately, when I lean over for any reason I almost pass out and a migraine kicks in. I know that light makes it worse and I’ve currently got one that started a few minutes ago; this computer screen isn’t helping. Annika and I did get to do a little bit of gaming yesterday in the early morning and we did get to check out a little bit of TV time; we also got a good nap in to help get through the day. Between the heat, the brightness, and of course a bit of stress from not feeling well; it seems the migraines just keep coming on at the oddest of times.

When it comes to current goals for riding, running, whatever goals in our lives; everything is a day by day thing. Until my health gets better, living life as happy as we can is the only focus while we wait to see results to hopefully make things better. Daily we train Pugsley and Lilith and they are doing great. Today I will focus on cleaning my road bike really well and I will get on the Peloton bike for a short bit depending on the pressure on my skull. Right now, Annika is doing her Peloton workout.

So I did get my bike tires changed out, from here on out I will always use Continental Hardshell 700×28 tires. I’ve been through over $2000.00 in tires on my road bike in the last 1.5 years. The reason being is that I don’t keep my riding to just those safe roads for the cool riders to be on, I ride everywhere and anywhere. Yes, I watch out for bad roads and try to stay clear of them however I ride to different places all of the time and it is sad to say there’s tons of crap on the road that will damage the simple tires that are only made for speed and not durability. My Continental Grand Prix 5000’s were punctured on the second ride and have now had more than 10 punctures. Saturday’s bike ride destroyed those brand new tires with one piece of glass. The Continental Hardshell tires that I have had never been punctured and I’ve had them a little longer than 1 year.

I’ve stripped all of my bags and the arrow bars from my bike for a little while. In doing so it has allowed me more options for how I plan to set it up for long distance trips. It has also knocked 10 pounds off of the bike. We’re looking into having some bike stickers made to eventually cover the frame. We will never get rid of my road bike, even after I’ve gotten a new one. This is the first road bike I’ve ever owned and it will be a Frankenstein bike over time as I modify it more and more over time. My goal with the stickers is to cover the color scheme as I’m not a fan of how Giant bikes do their color schemes at all and given how Giant has downgraded their latest bikes, I don’t see me owning another one in the future. We’re considering a Domane.

Alright gang, I’ve gotta get my day going. Since my migraines have me sort of shut-in for a bit; I’ll focus on trying to prepare what we’re doing in the gym and bike room. Hugs and thanks for the support, more to come tomorrow.

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