Fighting off the same migraine for a few days now

I had to sleep a little bit today due to the same migraine from a few days ago. Functioning at minimal right now so I’m sorry for such a late post. A lot of my yesterday was resting where I could and today is the same. I managed to play a bit of Overwatch and get some work done but also on a minimal scale.

Today I slept till about 11am, I did wake on time this morning but I couldn’t walk or see well. Most of my day will continue to be in bed as we debate taking me to the hospital for a few days if I cannot make it till the MRI and MRA. While we’re dealing with my health I can’t say I’ll be riding or exercising as some movements cause me to pass out. The meds they gave me for the migraines aren’t working so we’re taking each day one at a time.

As for the munchkins, Lilith’s “Cat Play Tower” arrived today and she is going to town on it. Pugsley is trying to figure out how he can play with it too as Lilith taunts him, haha. Today’s article is short and simple as I just wanted to keep you all in the loop. More news as we have it, I’m gonna be trying to rest while we get this figured out. Hugs and many thanks for the support.

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