Life is an adventure

Every day in our lives we look at it as an adventure. Sometimes the adventures can be epic and beautiful and other times it can be miserable and sad; either way, it’s an exploration in life on a journey together.

I know I’ve said it a few times already but 2019 has been the most horrible year of my life. So many things could’ve gone so good however so many other things got in the way to make most of them all fall down. The stress from it all has caused my health to drastically go badly and now daily I’m taking medications to simply be able to function.

Migraines have come on so strong that just thinking literally is so painful that I hope something puts me out of it for the day to make it through one more day. It is looking to be sinus related that is causing it however stress makes it 100% worse. If you’ve read the last few days articles you know that I started antibiotics and it has slowly started to help, hopefully, when they’ve done their thing this will all be over.

During all of the negativity that has come into our lives in January we’ve tried to focus on positive things and we will daily try and push towards better things while we get as far away from 2019 as we can. We’ve got several projects in the makings however until I’m feeling more up to par things are a little slow-moving. One of the projects is that I want to ride my bike across Arizona in October. Another project we’re working on #AZBIKENHIKE which is our brand to represent happiness in adventures within Arizona. We’re also in the process of working on a plan to revamp our bike room and gym so we have more room for more bikes, wink. All at the same time we’re trying to train Pugsley while Lilith is right there to reak havoc as she teaches Pugsley that rules are meant to be broken. Lilith is causing a big hinder in the training process however we’re gritting our teeth and trying to think positive. Two other projects on the plate are Cycling Saturdays and Century Sundays in which will go into full swing once these migraines are gone. Then one last project is we are looking to start a Scrapbook on our travels, a physical scrapbook and we have been building up PostCards and much more for years to add to it.

Over the years Annika and I have done many projects and many project types. We ran a magazine which was physical and digital, we ran a radio station, we’ve done all kinds of things and a lot of these project types we want to integrate within #AZBIKENHIKE and here “MattyAndAnnika.Life”. We attempted Postcasts however those who wanted us to do it never listened, sort of like Twitch; it’s always the people who say “you should do this, we will support”, that never do.

Today’s goal is to get through the day and try to calm the stress that is making my migraines worse. The things that make me happy are impossible to do due to the stress and migraines so anything I’d normally do to help me relax is not possible. Maybe I should do some PC Gaming on some Overwatch or go fishing in World of Warcraft. I do know that today I am functioning on 1-hour of sleep and I do not plan to nap today.

Whelp, it’s that time. Hugs and many thanks for the support. Remember, every day is an adventure and not every adventure goes the way you plan; that’s what makes it an adventure. Have an epic adventure day.

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