Starting off this week with a smile

It’s Monday and we spent it so far playing PokemonGo, watching movies, tv shows, and spending time with our munchkins. Today’s article will be short and sweet as I stayed up all night fighting a migraine and finally crashed for a quick 2-hour power nap. The morning so far has been awesome and relaxing though we’re both very tired. We’ve got some errands to do today and we’re gonna probably play more PokemonGo.

Annika and I decided to add PokemonGo to some of our outdoor activities just to have a bit more randomness to our daily nuttiness, so far so good. When the game first popped out we had fun riding all over town playing it, now we will add walking, hiking, and riding bikes to it versus being in a car and doing it. We started afresh account this last night and we’re almost level 20 already lol.

Yesterday was the family dinner slash swim with family and Pugsley day and it was awesome. He had a blast and we have tons of photos of him that we will share later on. For the time being Annika and I are heading out for a bit and will be share more as the week goes. Have an epic Monday, we plan to do so’ thanks for the support.

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  1. Haha, good to see you’re giving Pokemon Go a try. I downloaded it for the first time in April and I can’t stop playing it!

    1. Hey Jason here is my code please add me. Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 5908 4771 2945!

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