‘Til Tuesday

Whelp Tuesday is here and I can finally get that MRI and MRA to find out what’s up with these migraines, I’m excited to hopefully get to the bottom of this.

It’s funny, I woke today knowing it’s Tuesday and all I could think about is, Taco Tuesday’s and ‘Til Tuesdays’ “Voices Carry”.

Wow, 1986… The ’80s were a horrible time in life and to see it all repeating itself again is quite saddening. Now we know why our parents would cringe when we were growing up thinking something was cool, not knowing that they’ve actually already had to endure the same things when they were kids. Humanity has run out of originality and marketing has figured out a way to rebrand and rename shit and make it look and taste like ice cream so many times, it’s insane. “Hahaha!”

So yesterday I said that I was on a journey to start forgetting about the negatives in life and look forward and it starts with no longer paying attention to what takes place in the world. Besides if we all look out the window and see how humans have forgotten common courtesy, basic forms of respect for one another, personal space, this list goes on and on; then we’d all understand why we have a need in the world for extinction, it all makes sense now huh haha.

Yes starting out a bit dark however so true. Back to today and no longer about yesterday other than the fun that we enjoyed as a family. We hope to find out about these migraines soon as they still haven’t gone, we did pick up some migraines capsules yesterday which are working miracles.

We played some Overwatch yesterday, just Annika and I. We enjoyed some time to just sit and chat and we enjoyed going out riding in our car to pull over randomly to walk around playing PokemonGo; that was fun. When we made it over to Costco to pick up our groceries we decided that we’d play PokemonGo inside the store as well and we captured a lot of Pokemon in there. It was a day for something different and just a time for us to enjoy. We made the whole day to be something different from our normal and we got to relax and smile through the whole afternoon.

Today we aim to do a bit of the same. Just take the day and make it ours. Today, if all goes well, we will go see the new Spiderman movie. It’s funny how every time we think about going to see a Marvel or DC Comic movies all we think about is Comicon or Animecon. I was literally looking at photos from one of our trips to Comicon while sitting down to write this article.


On another topic, Annika and I are working on creating a Bucketlist here on our website. It’ll be a project page with a list of things we want to accomplish in life and we will cross them off as we get them done. This is pretty exciting for me to put together, I’m looking forward to it; it’s also started up some awesome talk time for Annika and me.

I guess this point of the story of life is, not to look outside as all it will do is repeat itself over and over, just enjoy like with the ones you love and look past the potholes in the road. Life isn’t like a box of chocolates, it’s like a box of poop and from time to time you may find a piece of corn or a peanut. haha.

Okay gang, time to have some coffee and get to this beautiful Tuesday morning and maybe later have some tacos. If you’re a PC gamer and would like to play Overwatch with us sometime feel free to drop us an email on the contact form. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for the support on Patreon and being a follower here on our website.

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