Peter Tickle – New Spider-Man rocks

Yesterday was a nice relaxing morning date with Annika right after my MRI and MRA appointment. We went to the doctor to get the procedures done and it went okay, we will know more information in a few days about my migraines. After we finished with the MRI and MRA we headed back to check in on Pugsley and Lilith and then headed toward RoadHouse Cinemas to see Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019).

Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) Movie Review

First off, when a movie has that many back to back 10-star ratings on IMDb, it tends to be purchased reviews; for example all Sylvester Stalone movies. Upon reading the reviews for Spider-Man: Far From Home things looked a tidbit fishy since 90% of the reviews all seemed to be worded the same. Yes, we were very skeptical, to say the least after seeing all of the reviews.

Our Rating: 10/10 Stars or 5/5 Stars

It turns out the reviews are right! Spider-Man: Far From Home turned out to be probably the best Marvel film released! The humor was not overdone like the Avengers films, it was perfectly equaled out. The graphics, script, cast, hell; everything was on point and it couldn’t have been done any better. We enjoyed every minute of the movie!

It’s very rare that we say a movie is perfect! It’s, even more, a rare event for us to agree with the reviews on any film that is so heavily marketed. It was nice to see that for probably the first time in more than a decade, fans got what they were promised. We cannot wait to see this movie again, and of course, add it to our movie library at home. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) is a must-see film.

The rest of the day was chill

After getting back from the movie it was way too hot outside to do much of anything else. We came home to chill and play some Overwatch for the Summer Games. After a few games, we kicked back to enjoy the TV Series “Dark”, great show however the English dubbed voiceovers don’t match the actors which makes it difficult to enjoy.

You Know the Drill

Okay gang, time to do the day. I’ve not had any sleep again due to Pugsley teething so today is gonna be a rough one again. Hugs and many thanks to all of our followers here on our website and our Patreon Supporters. Have an epic adventure day, more to come tomorrow.

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