Migraines are still here, got results from MRI

We heard back from the MRI and MRA and thankfully there’s nothing major wrong in that aspect. Basically what it is coming down to is my migraines are either coming from sinus infections which are looking to no be or a pinched nerve from my shoulder injury which has been flaring up big time lately.

I still have a migraine and it has now been 2 months roughly since it started. We tried a round of antibiotics and that didn’t do much, now I’m taking migraine meds every morning to be able to handle simple processes in my daily life. Averaging 8 to 10 hours of sleep at the maximum per week isn’t helping things and the stress won’t go away no matter how much I look for the positive in everything.

Other than the basics of being able to make it through our home doing basic daily picking up after us and some computer work here and there, that’s about all that I can handle doing. Due to the pain in my neck, shoulder, and the throbbing migraine which has now gotten my lower back aching as well; movement alone is asking way too much. During this time Lilith and Pugsley have been roughhousing a lot more than usual. Pugsley has started tearing things up here and there and both of the munchkins have been making every few minutes of the day a none-stop chaos circus.

Only one upside to all that has been taking place, I can look at my bike every day and I can dream about riding it. Oh, and I get to play Overwatch in between stopping the munchkins from eating each other or destroying the furniture.

Today’s plan is to hope for a better tomorrow, which is my basic goal each day now; fingers crossed. It’d be nice to be able to ride my bike again soon however until I can get the pain to stop this won’t be happening.

More new tomorrow I can really use some rest. Thanks for the support, have an epic adventure day.

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6 Thoughts

  1. Good that scans didn’t throw up something serious, bad that you haven’t really isolated source of migraine. How about trying some things which you find relaxing? Of course, those little munchkins aren’t helping.

    1. everything i find relaxing is hard to get to. i cant go for a ride for two reason. 1 the pain in my shoulder and head. 2 the munchkins will destroy house or eat each other. lol.

      1. lol yeah, they love to wrestle and they sometimes get rough. we have to break them up at times so they dont accidentally hurt each other cause Pugsley is getting really big fast and Lilith is still very tiny.

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