Considering Yoga to help with muscles so I can ride my bike more

Deep in thought lately about what I can do to better my situation and to go about things on a more positive note. This stress lately is nuts and I cannot fathom how to kick it to the curb as it isn’t something that I want in my life.

First off the photo in the featured image is of the moon right outside our condo; it’s so beautiful. The photo makes it look like an oil painting of some sort. I haven’t had my coffee yet and I really shouldn’t be out of bed right now since today is a sleep-in day. Pugsley decided that it was best for me to wake up on my normal time so that he can sleep better on the floor below me, haha. Talk about looking at the bright side of life.

The video above is something everyone should watch to start their morning, it certainly makes me smile.

So today is yet another day for me to focus on living life less stressful in hopes the pains leave my neck, back, and shoulder soon so that I can ride my bike. I spoke with my buddy Dave at Bike Barn of Phoenix and he has some Yoga positions that he says may help, he will show me when I see him next. My buddy Jeff says that I should change my position when riding and it can help a bit as well, I removed my aero bars already.

I’ve made a few adjustments in my life to better the chances of having much less stress by simply adding a todo list into my Gmail. I know this isn’t something for all people, it is good for me cause the more organized I am the easier it is for my mind to function, so less stress. I spend a lot of time in my Gmail account so this option works for me. I’ve also looked into a few more items for our Gym and Bike room to better organize it. Organization for me is a huge part of calming. Pugsley and I found a less stressful and more chill TV show to watch when we’re going to sleep, this has also made it easier for me to go right to sleep instead of staying up a bit to watch more.

My goal is to be back on some indoor cycling by Monday or sooner. Even if it’s for just a short ride, maybe I’ll try it on the Peloton this morning, fingers crossed cause I am very sore still. Maybe by next Saturday, I can do an outdoor ride depending on weather conditions, it is possible as long as the pains are no longer here. Wow, I just realized today is Sunday, haha; the days are getting by me faster and faster.

Today’s plan is simple, enjoy the day with Annika and the munchkins and maybe visit some family. I’d love to go visit Dave at the bike shop, maybe see about getting the trainer tire working before Monday. Oh, and Annika and I are going to play some Overwatch as well, woohoo; we’ve been grinding when we can to become better at toons we haven’t really played much.

Okay gang, thanks for the support, it’s time to get the day rolling. Many hugs and if you get the chance, check out our Patreon Page.

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  1. Yoga helps me a lot. I’ve cobbled together about a 15 minute program from classes I’ve taken over the years that I do every night. I think you should be all means try out the classes included with your Peloton. 🙂

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