We’re looking into modifying our MTB’s

Yesterday we visited Dave at Bike Barn to have a chat about the Yoga positions he had mentioned to me that could help with some of my muscle pains. We also talked a bit about modifications that we could make to our Giant ATX mountain bikes. The bikes are in great shape and can go just about anywhere and with some drivetrain changes they’d be fun for chilling on trails while carrying some snacks for basic bikepacking.

As usual, our thought process is always on bikes while our day to day goes forward. We’re always looking for the next bike for the next adventure while await my health to clear up so that we can go for another one. Today I am going to try some Yoga and attempt to ride on the Peloton bike. Also, I am going to have the trainer tire fixed as I had forgotten to take it with me yesterday to have it done.

It’s Monday and it’s time to start a new week and this week I plan to try harder and harder to get these pains to go away and fight it out to get back to riding as fast as I can. If I can just get back onto Zwift, RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours) or even ride on the peloton bike each morning for a bit to keep my legs in check that would be an awesome achievement.

Annika and I are hoping to start doing PokemonGo with our bike rides from time to time when the weather isn’t so hot however we’re doing PokemonGo while doing some walking in some of our local malls and other places.

Today the article is short and sweet as we have a few plans and we’re going to do what we can to get some of them done. It’s our last day off together so, between Peloton, Pokemon, a few errands, some Overwatch and a movie or a tv show; the day is gonna be epic and chill.

Alright, time for the coffee and to get things rolling. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for the support.

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  1. I do pokemon go too, though pretty casually at this point. If you and Annika want another pokemon go friend, my code is 7836 6685 5548.

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