So far so good, things seem to be working

This is the first morning that I haven’t had any signs of having soon to come migraines or a simple headache in a while. The hydration thing is certainly helping and it has taken so much pressure off of my shoulders.

I drank 10, 16-ounce bottles of water yesterday; today I plan to do at least 8. Noticing right off the bat that I had more o fan appetite as well, in fact, I ate breakfast twice yesterday and this morning I only had one cup of coffee and am now making breakfast. My muscles feel lots better and for the one day of trying this theory, it’s made a huge difference so far.

Be sure to stay hydrated | Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Our fridge is always filled with water, on average 1-2 cases of waters are on the shelves and in the drawers. Each case of water is 40 bottles.

Today I plan to take it easy when it comes to working out. I am working on our Twitch Channel, doing some PC Gaming on our Stream; and am working on our website a bit. Once a bit of my normal day is complete if I have time I plan to do more reconfiguration on our computers. Our hard drives and our computers are very big and take a long time to work on. I have 6 terabytes internal hard drives on my PC not counting two other external hard drives totaling an additional 5 TB. This is just my PC, then my laptop which docs into my PC. Luckily my laptop I do slight tweaks here and there with it so nothing needs to be done other than a reconfiguration of the connections between it and the PC once all is complete on the PC end of things. Once that is done which can take weeks I will go through our network, other PC’s and Mac’s, routers and devices to tidy up our network. This is something I tend to do every few months to make sure all is working nicely. We fully overhaul our operating systems drives and go through the software we use to debate keeping them, upgrading them, or using something else for future development. We’re already looking into our next computer builds which will be coming up after Christmas.

Today’s goal is simple, stay hydrated, get things done around our place and work; then enjoy the night with Annika and the munchkins. Hugs everyone, more tomorrow as today it’s a bit of chill time. Hope to see you in our stream chat. Thanks for the support, have an epic adventure day.

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