Getting ready for some redecorating and organizing

Over the next few weeks, Annika and I will be rearranging our office and living room and also our gym slash bike room. Since between the heat, my health, and training Pugsley and Lilith; cycling has been compromised a bit. Not to worry as this does allow for time to take care of other things that need to be done. Once these things are taken care of then there is little that can get in the way of full time riding again. Maybe it is best to just go with the flow and let things be what they are and take advantage of the time to get these other projects done and out of our way.

Reorganizing Office and Living Room

So since we moved into our cozy condo we unpacked and set things up and it’s all remained the same the whole time. It’s hard for me to make change, so the whole time I’ve been planning a new layout to make more room with a few adjustments. The goal is to close off wire access to keep the munchkins from biting into them and to set up our Zwift and Peloton in an area that we don’t have to worry about the munchkins playing with them or getting hurt when we’re indoor riding.

A lot of our home is covered in wiring for our computers and the network. We’ve spent quite a bit of time over the years making more items wireless however we have a server that stays wired in so this can cause for difficulty and we have concrete walls so, very little ways to hide the wiring.

Yesterday I mentioned that it would be a Project Day and it was. I got so much done on my list which leads me to what projects I need to focus on today. In reorganizing our office and living room this means tearing down the current network and moving the computers. We’ve decided on the basic layout and are going to have to put up some partitions to separate office from living space. We need to order a gate and make two partition wall panels which will work as a covering for the front of our desks. When we move the network and the routers this time it will be all in one room and within one area versus bein gin 2 different rooms and wires covered across the floor and lingering around the corners under doors etc.

Today I plan to start some of the organizing and moving some of the items, maybe all of it; depends on how things go. So far this morning my migraines aren’t as bad and I got a full night’s sleep; thank you, Pugsley. Speaking of Pugsley, go give him a Vote, you can vote 10 times a day; click here to do so. He is currently #1 in Arizona, woohoo; thank you, everyone, for the votes so far.


Onward and Upward

Lilith got her last shot yesterday at the vet and she is doing well. She is 3.5 pounds now and Pugsley is almost 14 pounds; both healthy as can be and spoiled.

So today’s goal is to work out how to move a ton of furniture and organize the new layout by myself while doing my daily tasks while Pugsley is playing with me. Fingers crossed! So once we get the living room and office situated the next part will be the gym and bike room. We’ve worked on a garage-style layout which would involve covering the walls with a bracket system that holds shelves, cabinets and bike mounts. We’ve not decided on the exact plan we’ve just got a few different plans to choose from. We are covering the floor in a mat padding so we can workout comfortably anywhere in the room while at the same time it will protect the tile floor. Most of our house is getting covered in mat padding. We’re doing that for floor protection as well as so as Pugsley gets older it’ll be less to repair when he chews on some of it.

Alright, time to do the do.

Had my coffee, it’s time to get things started. Many hugs and thanks for the support; fingers crossed on today’s plan. Have an epic adventure and we will see you all in tomorrow’s post.

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