Office and Living room remodel done

This is one project that has been in the making for years and to finally have gotten to do it, we’re pretty happy. When we moved back out here to the west coast we unpacked and went right to work. We were so busy that it took the first two years to get any kind of a slow down point. Our stuff was brought straight from the moving truck and set where it was sitting yesterday morning.

Over the years we’ve thought about moving things around however the way we had it all set up, worked for us. We could get to everything, it was organized, it has done what it needed to do. We had a chill place to work, and we had no complaints. We always looked over a new or better way to organize things to give us something new to look at. We debated this new layout for 3 years total and yesterday when I started moving things around, I almost didn’t do it. I was so sore from the muscle pains and migraines and now, a toothache; getting started wasn’t something I was gonna do. Looking around the room, knowing it was just me here to get all of the things done as a surprise to Annika, everything that could stall the project kept going through my mind. I kept telling myself that if I moved things over we needed to have another thing to complete it, etc, etc. Finally, I realized my own brain was trying to stop me and I was fed up with things getting in my way so I started.

The hardest part of the process was to keep Pugsley out of the way and to move my desk, my computer has so many cables it takes hours to set up; it’s a server to. So what did I do? I started with the hardest part first. Pugsley actually wasn’t an issue, he went to his crate and went to sleep while I started moving things around.

The above pictures above sort of gives you an idea of what it looked like before I got started. Can you tell that we love to collecting comics and action figures? And here is a little of what it looks like now.

It took about 10 hours to get this project done and it was totally worth it. We even put up a pet gate so it keeps Pugsley from getting to Lilith’s part of the house. We gave them their own little spots so they can have some get away from each other time. Today we’re adding to this project. We’ve decided that we want a partition wall to separate the desk and peloton area from our TV area so we can keep the munchkins out of the office area fully.

We’ve looked at various animal gate options, however, nothing really does what we’re wanting to do. We’ve sketched out a gate design that we’re gonna put together ourselves which will fully block and hide the underneath of the desks so that Lilith cant get to the wires, and then an entry gate door which won’t allow the munchkins through it. We will share photos once this part is done, we are starting on it today. Also today it is a family day.

Time to take Pugsley swimming and have dinner with some of the family. We’ve also got a lot of errands to do. Sundays seemed to be one of the busiest days for us however they are also some of the more fun days too.

Okay gang, time to do the thing. I’m gonna kick back to some coffee and relax with my wife and the munchkins. We wish you all an epic adventure day and cannot thank you all enough for the support.

One big project down, now we’re gonna start on another one.

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