Pugsley had a nice swim yesterday

Yesterday was our normal get together with family day and Pugsley went for a swim on his own. The day started out as a normal day as we ran a few errands, worked on our desk panels and then packed up Pugsley to head out to meet with family for dinner. When we made it to the pool, Pugsley was more open and interested than the 2 times before. We were all in the pool and Pugsley jumped in to swim to Annika. He also started making it known that he is going to protect Annika also. The day went off very nicely, good dinner, good times and ending the day with Annika, the munchkins and I watching a movie as we passed out.


Today we have a few plans in motion before Annika and I enjoy some pc gaming time together. Yesterday we put the panel up around my desk and today we’re going to put one up around hers. Afterward, we’re adding a gate door to keep the munchkins out of the office area of our home. Once this has completed we’re kicking back to some Overwatch time together and making today our day.

I’m still fighting migraines and now a toothache, so Annika is calling in an appointment for me for my doctor and my dentist. Fingers crossed that we find out something soon.

Okay gang, cutting it short today so that we can kick back for the day. Don’t forget to vote for Pugsley as they’res only 30ish hours remaining; he is still #1 in Arizona. Thanks so much for the support and we hope you have an epic adventure day today.

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