Late start today however I did get some sleep

So, last night we found out that the Dog Pageant contest is rigged. Talk about a complete bummer to see something so chill be so fake, we won’t waste another dollar there. We were debating adding Lilith to another one of their contest until we saw what happens right before the contest ends.

Annika and I watched closely as the contest last night was coming to an end and Pugsley as he has the whole time was still in 1st place for the state of Arizona until 20 minutes before the contest ended. All of a sudden a completely new profile was made with 10,010 votes, no achievements, no activity, displaying the last 10 voters which none of the other pages displayed. Once the page was posted no more activity happens, it won and the contest ended. I was wondering the whole time how the 2 people that ran the site could fund several thousand dollars a month on the same scripts we have used for contests for years that never panned out and that could easily be manipulated.

It was saddening to see that instant website created winner. When we saw this it instantly turned our stomachs towards those sites and to the 2 developers who do it. We are no longer putting Pugsley or Lilith on the site. Pugsley is on it only because he was pre-registered right before that fake account was made to pass everyone. We did have fun just pimping Pugsley to a few friends and voting for him each day properly so the funds we spent were worth it to us, we just know better from here on out to ever support that set of sites again.

Better Yet! Let’s rock the vote and everyone that gets the time, be sure to vote daily 10 times for Pugsley. Let’s expose the site fully by winning it no matter what with all real people unlike what they did yesterday.


Pugsley’s Certificate for 2nd place in Arizona

Cycling Fountain Hills | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Cycling Fountain Hills | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

What’s Up and How am I feeling?

My dentist appointment was chill as they pointed out that I didn’t have a dental problem. No cavities, no abscess, nothing. I have a canker sore that is deep into the bottom of my lip which is making ti feel like I have a toothache. My dentist said that due to the migraines it is making the canker sore more hypersensitive and that it should be gone within a week or two. She sent me home with a prescription of Motrin 800mg to help me with the migraines and the pain within my jaw.

I did sleep in due to being up all night with a migraine. I wasn’t planning on writing today due to how I was feeling but after a nice long nap, I am feeling much better. Annika and I had a wonderful day yesterday just chilling out with our munchkins. We attempted to play some Overwatch however time went by way too fast.

Cycling, Peloton, Zwift, Update

In the morning I am planning to go for a bike ride and Annika is going to start her morning ride on the peloton. Hopefully, this all works out and I can get a nice bike ride in. It all depends on migraines etc though I’m losing my mind not being able to ride. October is coming quick and that’s when I am going to cross Arizona by bike and I’m not letting anything stop me from doing that.

At worst if I don’t get to ride outside I will get on Peloton and knock out some miles.

Pugsley and Lilith Fun, Fun.

Pugsley got two new treats to have fun munching on, selected by him and his vet. We got Pugsley a Kong ball that gets filled with Peanutbutter and frozen overnight for a morning treat to chew on. He also has a bone to chew on which we give him for an hour or two and then we put it up so it doesn’t tear up his stomach. We’re very cautious of things like the rawhide bones which we will never give any animal so we selected the real bone. He is currently spending time with his bone and having fun.

Lilith is enjoying the two new toys that we picked up for her yesterday. She got a new pepper which the other one just vanished, she also got a new ball cause Pugsley ate the last one, haha. Both Pugsley and Lilith are doing great, Pugsley is 15.1 pounds as of yesterday. Lilith has her own private “get away from Pugsley” zone so that she can have her food, sleeping spot, litterbox, etc. Pugsley also has his own spot which we are soon to enclose with doggy only access door like we did for Lilith with her kitten entry only.

Short and Sweet

Still fighting a migraine and only it’s rare to have them as long as I’ve had this one. We were told that migraines only last a couple of days not a couple of months. Today I hope to be able to enjoy some of it with some TV Shows or Gaming with Annika. More tomorrow as it’s time to start getting things ready for dinner. Many hugs and thanks for the support. Have an epic adventure day.

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