What an epic day yesterday, let’s do it again

Yesterday I was able to ride a bit on the Peloton bike which totally made my day. I only rode 20 miles however it was the feeling of being able to ride again without so much pain in my body, relaxing.

After I finished the article yesterday, Pugsley and I took a nice long nap so that my medications could do their thing. It was a good sleep and when I woke it’s like the day was much better. The migraines are easing up a bit, the canker sore is almost gone and the shoulder pains are getting lesser also. I’m looking forward to riding on the Peloton bike this morning, maybe 30 miles should be my goal? I’ve got a lot of things on my todo list today so it will be a busy one but it is looking to be a good day already.

The people who operate the Pageant site finally replied after blocking my comment on the site to where only I can see it and moving the fake profile to another state, then they created another fake profile in Arizona giving it 11,010 votes. Their message to me was,  could I let them know which profile is fake, and how did I know it was fake? Basically, if you want to actually win on their site it’ll cost a shit ton since they keep proving they will manually make a winner, it’s all good; Pugsley can stay #2 each time.





Above are pictures and a video from yesterday to show how much Pugsley has grown.

We didn’t get any game time in yesterday, we just chilled out in between taking Pugsley for his walks and watching that new TV Show on Amazon Originals “The Boys”; it’s awesome so far.

On another note, we’re getting ready to go on vacation in a few weeks to Jerome, Sedona and Cottonwood, totally cannot wait for this trip. We’re taking Pugsley so we can all hike together.

This morning has already gone pretty well. Annika did her Peloton workout and I have done some Pelton cycling, some Yoga, and a few other workout systems. I’m going down my checklist of things I’d like to get done and trying to knock more of them out. Currently, I’m doing what cycling that I can without pushing too hard while I fight off these migraines that still won’t go away. Today after I get a bit of the todo things off of my plate I may try and get some Overwatch going on so that I can relax a bit.

Gonna cut it short this morning as I’m still in the middle of working out. Have an epic adventure day everyone and thanks for the support.



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