Looking forward to riding a century tomorrow

It’s been a long time since I was able to go for a long-distance bike ride on my own without anything to slow me down or deter me from going in one direction or another. The featured image is from one of my long-distance bike rides on the BeeLine Highway, man how I miss riding out there.

I used to train out there however after going through almost $2000.00 in tires over a 3 month time, it sort of took a toll on me. Tomorrow I’m going to go for a long adventure bike ride, and hopefully, nothing will get in the way of these plans. This year has seemed to literally suck the life out of me in all aspects of enjoying some fresh air or existence on the planet. Usually, when I’m preparing to go for a long ride I look over Google Maps to get some sort of direction. I love to pick areas of interest, especially to places that I’ve not ridden to. Annika is gonna watch the munchkins in the morning so that is a major item off of my plate tomorrow. The munchkins are very much high maintenance right now as they keep competing for attention. Literally going to the restroom during the day can be a constant low meow that continuos over and over until picking up Lilith. Pugsley has started to realize that if he acts like Lilith then he gets the attention too, so yes quite stressful on that end.

I remember back when I started riding a bike. My friend at the bike shop kept asking me “what type of rider did I plan to be?”; he wanted me to be a racer. He instilled in me that there were only the options to be a domestique or a leader. He told me that I should focus on climbing, that’s my favorite thing to do. After a bit of riding on my own, I realized that those were not the only types to be. To simply put it, I can’t be a domestique or a racing lead; I won’t and don’t dope to ride. All cyclists in Pro cycling dope so there’s no way I can consider being a racer of any caliber. I found out that I simply loved to ride my bike and go exploring. Used to be I’d wake in the morning and just get on my bike and go, it didn’t matter where or for how far. So much has happened since then that has soiled my happiness in adventure cycling, or at least soiled the chances to do much of it. Tomorrow is a day for me to enjoy riding again. It is considered Century Sunday for me, so I will do my best to ride 100 miles. I haven’t ridden long distance in a while due to health issues but this needs to change.

MattyAndAnnika | #BeeLine200 adventure bike ride

That is one of my favorite pictures from my adventure bike ride on the Beeline Highway. Not too much further up the road from that spot is where a tarantula raced me up a hill in 20mph headwinds. I had 9 flat tires that day over a quarter-mile area that destroyed a set of tires filling them with metal shards. It was a wonderful bike ride and I think about it all the time. Some bike rides out on the Beeline highway I could hear critters sneaking up on me, or at least it felt so.

My passion for riding has been taken from me for quite a while and now I do have a lot of things going on that have hindered it more and more. The biggest item that worries Annika and I both are recent rides ended with chest pain, migraines, and several other health concerns that are still left unresolved. This is why I do have a Spot Tracker on me at all times when I’m riding, and yes we pay for the additional monthly services to keep me safe out there.

Above are some of the pictures of my road bike “Icarus” and as you can see in some of the pictures the Spot GPS is mounted on the handlebars, now it’s mounted on my GoPro backpack.

Oh, I’m getting off point, haha. So yes I miss riding long distances very much. So I’m trying to look at all of the downtimes in a positive way. Tomorrow will be a fun adventure bike ride for me to enjoy, no matter the distance; may it be 50/100/500 miles. No matter how far I ride my bike tomorrow, I’m going to enjoy it. Annika and I have figured out that it’s best that I do most of my riding in the cooler months and when the summer is here to ride indoors on Peloton and Zwift. This allows us to focus on other things in these hotter times and it allows us time to get our munchkins trained better before the good riding weather is here.

Alright, time to get some things done around here today; most importantly to be well-rested for tomorrow. Thanks for the support and many hugs to you all. Have an epic adventure day!


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