Heading out into the weather to enjoy a long bike ride

Alright gang, if you’re ready this article it means that I’m already on the road riding my bike. It’s 1am MST right now and I wanted to get you guys and gals up a post to let you know if, and, or but, why, when, and where.

This morning I’m rolling out in an attempt to ride 100 miles on my road bike (Icarus). I hadn’t ridden 100 miles or a century in a very long time due to health issues however I have the strength and today I have the time, thanks to Annika. This year has been a constant something happening to keep me from riding and the weatherman is today. Last night Weather.com said that there was no bad weather, no rain, only clouds, and a heat advisory while at 8pm last night we got hit with hail, lightning, high-speed winds, and hardcore rain. It is currently raining here and the winds have slowed down. The weather still doesn’t say anything about this weather, never mind the fact that the weatherman has never been right in my entire existence.

Scrubbed my derailer
Scrubbed my derailer

No fear, I’m not scared of bad weather and this morning isn’t going to stop me from riding. Last night before I was going to bed, I decided to load some of my gear back on my road bike at the last minute. I wasn’t gonna carry a ton of gear but something told me that I should and since it is an adventure ride, Annika and I felt that it’d be great to have it all with me for safety and fun. Too bad we don’t have any Uncrustables left, those are so dang good.

So this morning I’m heading out at 3am’ish MST to enjoy a long-distance bike ride before the heat comes in. I’m so excited to get out there that I spent yesterday washing my bike and at the same time I rebuilt my derailer while cleaning everything spotless.

Scrubbed my derailer
Scrubbed my derailer

After reworking most of the components on my road bike, I then reworked all of my equipment and bags for the trip. Everything has been fully charged and I’m ready to roll. Annika and I are going to have some coffee together and spend a little time with the munchkins before I head out. Hugs and many thanks for the support and the awesome messages yesterday to pump me up for this awesome fun time on my bike.

Have an epic adventure day and we will post again tomorrow.

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