I didn’t reach 100 miles but I had a blast

The game plan was to ride 100 miles and I was very ready and excited to accomplish that. Not too long before heading out we got hit with a bad storm, hail, rain, lightning, the works; it didn’t bother me but I didn’t think about the roads and the debris on them.

Cycling Fountain Hills

When I left out the storm had gone and I was so excited. My legs were stiff due to not being out on a bike for long periods of time, the Peloton rides just aren’t very long. Riding my bike down Osborne road towards Pima there were tree limbs, minor flooding, and craploads of other crap on the road. Within the first 2 miles, I had already lost a lot of air in my tires due to thorns. I kept pedaling for a while until reaching Fountain Hills and then making it to the top; I don’t believe I stopped at all other than for a stoplight or two all the way up.

It took me 1.5 hours to reach the top and it was so fun and very painful. With all of the loss in air, it felt as if I were pulling a tank all the way there. Once I had arrived at the top I checked my tires and pulled more than 40 thorns and then added a bit of air with my hand pump. I’d guess I was running less than 50psi on the way back and probably 30psi on the way to Fountain Hills; I started with 100psi that’s how much and how fast I was losing air.

Killing my legs riding up to the top and enjoying the epic downhill ride back; what an epic morning. As I got back into Scottsdale the storm had hit again while I was gone and it was starting to rain on me. The bike paths were flooded in some areas and tons more limbs down. So many things got in the way but at the same time, I was enjoying the adventure. So what that I didn’t get 100 miles, it’s a work in progress to get my legs back from all of this downtime. The morning wasn’t super hot yet and the slight rain felt good. The only real issues were my tires losing air and all the crap on the roads. During my entire ride, I only saw one other cyclist.

I ended up heading back home due to the crap on the road and losing air. When I got back my legs were so sore and I was just so happy that I had gotten to ride. I put my bike up, got cleaned up, then Annika and I loaded up Pugsley to go swimming for the afternoon. It was so much fun spending time with him and Annika. We spent several hours swimming before heading back home for dinner and chill time. Once home we grabbed up Lilith and Pugsley and just spent time playing with them. The day ended nicely with dinner and one of our TV shows of interest; “The Boys”.

Annika and I decided that it is probably better for me to focus on riding long hours on Zwift and RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours) for the rest of the hot summer to get me used to long hours in the saddle again. This is probably best for the time being since the monsoon season is upon us. Training indoors for a bit will keep a lot of the obstacles out of my way and allow me to ride more. So between Peloton, Zwift, and RGT Cycling, it’ll be my cycling means until about mid-September. This will also give me some time to Stream Zwift and RGT Cycling on our Twitch Channel.

Okay gang, time to do the thing and enjoy the stuff. Uncrustables and coffee! Woohoo, thanks for the support and we hope you have an epic adventure day. Oh, btw, all o four social links are in the footer of the site now. You can also see our Strava activities in the sidebar.

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