Started out the morning beautifully with some indoor cycling and yoga

This morning has started out beautifully! Pugsley woke me with tons of kisses and as I woke I saw Annika with Lilith and the coffee was being made, I had slept past my alarm a few minutes. Once I jumped from bed Annika had already handed me my coffee and for the first morning, my migraine hadn’t started yet.

We love Uncrustables
We love Uncrustables

I grabbed an Uncrustable from the fridge that I started thawing before I went to sleep, these things are yummy. My morning was spent slowing myself down and enjoying time with the Munchkins and Annika versus being in a hurry to get things rolling. After our coffee, Annika started her Peloton workout with a bit of indoor cycling and some arm toning. Not too much longer she was heading out the door as Pugsley and I walked her out.

Pugsley and I started our day as we got work rolling in the office and things around the house while keeping that nutty kitten (Lilith) satisfied. The two munchkins decided they wanted a nap so I started working out on the Peloton bike. 17+ miles indoor cycling followed by a few classes of Yoga and some meditation got my day started well.

During some of my indoor cycling on Peloton, I love to jam very heavy fast music. Bands like Conquer Divide, Slipknot, HellYeah, Mudvayne, and many others tend to be loudly playing in my ears when I’m pedaling. When I did my Yoga and meditation I found a cool station on our Amazon Alexa for meditation music that has been keeping the calm happy vibe going on.


After my workout, it was time to start work again however Pugsley and Lilith really wanted to play, so we did. Laser Pointer and toys to the rescue! So, finally, after playing with the munchkins I could get back to work and I have a big list of things to knock out today.

The migraines are still the same and sometimes very bad. Yesterday I almost had a nervous breakdown due to the pain, so today I’m back on antibiotics and still waiting to hear back from my doctor; what a slack ass. So today I’m working on staying calm as I can which since the migraines is very hard to do. If an ant farts, my head hurts so much that I cannot cope with anything. Positive thinking, meditation, yoga and try to stay busy; hopefully, this plan works out. I may if I get time, play some Overwatch.

Yesterday, Annika and I kicked some butt in Overwatch! I got my first POTG using Widowmaker which I’ve only recently started playing. We had so much fun gaming yesterday as we’re trying to grind for the last of the Summer Games in Overwatch. Today I believe is the last day. I also got a POTG with Torb, woohoo.

Well, that’s enough for now as I have a very busy task list today. Thanks so much for the support, and we wish you an epic adventure day. Oh, btw; if you didn’t hear we released a new video on our YouTube yesterday.

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      1. lol i havent went long distance in about a year. i damaged my leg from riding too much with no rest when i was riding 480 miles a week and average 120-150 miles a ride. my schedule is about 1/8 of what it was

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