It’s a project day again

This morning I’m working on a few tasks for future projects and things that we’re doing with our home and more. In the last couple of hours, I’ve been connecting our Alexa Dot’s to various items within our home. What made me focus on this was that Lilith ate one of the Alexa power cords yesterday so I re-setup a few things this morning to keep her from doing it again.

Yesterday I was working on wire coverings to help prevent stuff like wires getting chewed on by Lilith. After I had done the office and stepped out of our condo a moment, I came back to Lilith eating a power cord that connects to one of our Alexa Dot’s that wasn’t in the office. It was a funny sight to see as I entered the door and she was running with the cable. Once I got the cable back I went to find Lilith hiding in her crate playing with the charge block that you plug the cable into, she is funny like that. Thankfully we’ve almost covered all exposed wires throughout our home and office, we have to order a little bit more of the cable covers.

One of the tasks today is that I am going to create a Project Page here on our website to display a list of all projects that we are doing or are wanting to do. This is for our keeping up with as well as to make site navigation a bit smoother so all of the projects are browsable in one spot. We have many goals in our lives and all of them will be kept up with here, it’s why we have a “.LIFE” website. Some of the projects are in the navigation menu already such as The Bucket List, Bike every city in Arizona, Cross the State of Arizona by Bike, and many others.

Now aside from the project page, I am working on some of the projects a little bit here and there each day. One of the bigger projects which will be an ongoing thing is organizing our home more and more to better fit what we’re doing over the years. Making modifications so we can have a better bike room slash gym and have more room too. Our goal is to make the room we have fit all we do as we don’t, this helps to keep us from having more things in our life than we need; junk, etc.

Alright, gang. Short and sweet today as I’m preparing to start slowing down some things for relaxation and our vacation which is right around the corner. Hugs and thanks so much for the support, have an epic adventure day!


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