Today starts a new writing schedule

With so much on our plates and the migraines not slowing, it’s time to take a little us time. I’ve been posting daily for almost a year straight, we’ve decided to start posting a couple times a month. Right now we’re talking maybe two days a week so that we can spend more time doing other tasks and projects, this will allow us more time to bring you better posts with more content.

Writing here daily can get sort of stale in some sense. It’s time for us to relax and smell the flowers while having more time to get more done and enjoy it. In doing a few articles a week or a month we will be able to work on more photos, videos, get our Podcast going again and take on some of our other projects without being overwhelmed.

Many hugs for all of the support! Today I’m working on the project page with a list of the projects that we are doing. On the project page is an item that is well overdue for us, our movie server for our household needs cleaned up. We moved our entire DVD collection to a digital format and have thousands of files to correct information on and to organize so that we may better sort through them to enjoy them. This is the task I am working on today most of all. I doubt that I will have much time for anything more than this and standard daily tasks and work.

We’re gonna play it by ear as to how often we post an update so if you’re not following us then be sure to do so if you want to be notified on each post. Have an epic adventure day everyone, we’re gonna be doing a ton of tasks and will share the outcome in the next article.


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