Finally feeling myself again and we’re preparing to go hiking with Pugsley

So it’s been a few days and we’ve noticed some big changes, these changes we saw will certainly change a bit in some things we’ve been doing from here on out. On an awesome upside of things, this morning when I woke the stress was gone! The headaches are mild and still there, the pain in my body is still there and yes I’m still very congested for some reason; I just for some reason do not feel stressed at all now. It’s like I am back to being me again; “Did something just magically fix itself or what?”.

Over the few days of not posting, we noticed that almost no one visited our website. As usual, I daily visit every blog that we follow to check and see if anything is new and to show some love on each post; whether new posts or not it is just what I do. Also being that I wasn’t posting daily, my day just didn’t feel right; a part of my usual routine wasn’t there anymore so maybe rethink this.

So what’s been happening?

Pugsley is geared up for hiking
Pugsley is geared up for hiking, he has new hiking shoes and his new harness.

We’re getting ready to take Pugsley hiking for his first time and we cannot wait. We’re heading up to Cottonwood, Sedona, and Jerome to do some hiking and to visit another one of Maynard’s vinyards and his wife’s osteria. We’re huge fans and supporters of Maynard James Keenan along with all of his projects such as, “Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, and more”. Maynard is one artist that truly puts everything into all he does and he does a lot here in our state; Arizona. We’ve visited Puscifer store and Caduceus Cellars in Jerome and yesterday we visited Merkins here in Scottsdale. So while we’re out and about enjoying the scenery of these beautiful cities, we will be doing some hiking and shopping while we enjoy our few days of a real vacation.


So yes, Pugsley has new shoes or boots as they call them; he is so confused and cute. He isn’t walking around in them too well yet, however, the goal is to help him get used to them for rough surfaces as well as to help protect his paws since we live in a very hot climate area. Pugsley’s vet said he won’t need them for hiking trails that we’d only need them for hot surfaces like pavement or asphalt; we don’t let him walk on asphalt at all due to temperatures.

We’ve been spoiling our Munchkins a lot as Pugsley got a new toy also and Lilith has gotten tons of additional fun playtime.

Aside from all of the fun stuff with The Munchkins (Lilith and Pugsley), we’ve been relaxing to some good movies and some pc gaming playing Overwatch. I think we needed the quiet time a moment as it was very much enjoyable. Annika and I have been grinding on our game when we have the time and just taking a moment away from cycling, yoga, working out, etc.

All gold
All gold

So if you’ve watched all of the videos above, you’d see we’ve been having fun.

So as for movies. We’ve watched and thoroughly enjoyed the new Aladdin 2019 with Will Smith; they did a remarkable job with that movie 5/5 stars or 10/10 stars. It’s a must-see film for 2019, highly recommend it. Rocketman 2019 is a wonderful musical based on Elton John. Now before you watch the movie hoping to see a biopic, it isn’t a biopic at all. This movie took the “Pink Floyd – The Wall” approach and did a very nice job with it. If you’re hoping this movie tells the story of the life of Elton John it doesn’t. This movie gives a story of some of the happenings within his life while shedding light on the lyrics that were written by his partner so those stories are his and not Eltons. Rocketman is still a wonderful movie and we loved it, 4/5 stars and 9/10 stars.

When are we gonna be riding our bikes again?

Riding my bike is a huge part of me however each day stressing if I can ride or not has torn me down a lot. My big ride across the state of Arizona is at the end of October and starting September 1st I will start up riding daily to build myself back up so that I am ready. Between now and when I start riding in September I am trying to relax and get my health better before I start really trying to push. I do plan to get in some Peleton bike rides in here and there and if time and the Munchkins allow, I will head out for a bike ride outside. Right now the biggest concern is to get my health in order and to enjoy life as it is versus anything else.

Time to do the thing

Hugs and many thanks to our supporters and we hope you enjoy what we’re doing. It’s time for me to get the day going and to try and do some PC Gaming as well. Lots of projects have been in the works and they are all going great. You can check out the Projects Page in the navigation menu. Have an epic adventure day!

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  1. Glad your feeling better. Pugsley is SO precious. His hiking shoes, so precious. Lilith too 😻. We haven’t had pets for 4 years now, and looking at getting a dog the end of the year. We’ve always had cats, so this will be a change. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Pugsley looks ready for the trail. I liked his Ruffwear harness — that company is based here in Bend. My dog wears one too! 🐕

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