We’ve been starting the day with meditation music

Lately, we’ve been trying to find ways to better kick the stress that had been building up far away from our lives. We’ve been playing the meditation station on our Alexa throughout the house and keeping the calmness within our home with incense. Believe it or not, this has helped a lot, even with the munchkins. Pugsley starts his chill morning with his Kong filled with a bit of peanut butter, Lilith kicks back to a purrfest with her Pepper (her catnip toy). So far so very good!

The migraines have been slowly going away and the stress left yesterday morning fully for some odd reason, boy and I thankful for that. Now the only things we need to work on so that I can get back to riding are getting Pugsley and Lilith to chill when we’re not in the room or in our home. If Annika and I both leave our home then Lilith and Pugsley tend to start getting into things, mainly Lilith. Lilith is the one who has been eating our drywall and she got Pugsley nipping here and there, Lilith does this every day repeatedly after being told not to. This is one of the problems that has been keeping me from being able to go for a ride on my bike, not being able to leave the munchkins unattended. Last night Pugsley found a way to start pulling the insolation out between the dishwasher which we then realized that it is where Lilith had been always chilling in the kitchen. We’ve tried all kinds of things to deter this issue however nothing has worked so if anyone had ideas please share in the comments below.

The next issue on the plate is that Pugsley has found his voice and he won’t stop using it. He barks at anything and everything, he also loves to play and he is teething so he nips while he plays. His little razor-sharp teeth have gotten us several times. Training Pugsley has been harder than any animal that I’ve ever trained and only because Lilith interferes very often. If we’re talking to Pugsley then Lilith will just attack him or jump in the mix getting them running around acting like nuts. This door swings both ways as if we give any attention to just Lilith then Pugsley finds a way to get right in the way too. Now, Pugsley knows a mess load of commands and listens pretty well if Lilith isn’t in the room or around. The only command we can’t get him to learn is the “Speak” command so that we can teach him “no bark”. Every attempt at this and he just looks at us like, “you bark damn it, and give me the treat already”.

Aside from a few training issues with the munchkins, life is going much better. 2019 has and will always be known as the worst year of our lives however we’ve learned from it. Most importantly, the only people welcome in our home are both of our parents and our very close friends. Speaking of very close friends, we really miss KWOLF very much. We wished someone could put him in a box and FedEx him to us, lol.

Okay, well enough for now. Time to get some stuff done for our vacation this weekend. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.

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