Getting ready for some hiking and much-needed vacation time

The excitement is in the air this morning as Annika and I woke to get things together for our vacation weekend. Today is our last workday and it’s on!

Jerome Grand Hotel | Jerome Haunted Hotel | MattyAndAnnika
Jerome Grand Hotel | Jerome Haunted Hotel | MattyAndAnnika

Last year, Annika and I took my parents to Jerome, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Tucson, pretty much all over Arizona to show them how beautiful it is here. The year before Annika and I enjoyed The Grand Canyon for the scenery and Flagstaff for some epic snowboarding. We love those areas, heck we love all of Arizona and everything about it. This year (January 2019), Annika and I were supposed to be able to enjoy our 11 year Anniversary in Jerome and Sedona however someone literally destroyed all possibilities with that; it was very depressing. The upside, Annika and I are going this weekend and we’re taking Pugsley with us to enjoy his first-ever hiking adventure with us.

Pugsley is geared up for hiking
Pugsley is geared up for hiking, he has new hiking shoes and his new harness

In case you hadn’t seen it yet, the picture above is Pugsley in his new hiking shoes. We picked them up the other day at Arizona Hiking Shack. So far Pugsley is working on figuring out how to walk in them and he looks so cute doing so.

Today we’re getting things ready to roll. Lilith is being boarded for the weekend and Pugsley is going on his epic adventure with us. Today we’re cleaning the cooler, charging the solar panels, making sure the Spot GPS is updated and charged. It’s laundry day for sure so we have all the fun stuff we like to wear while we’re there. Backpacks need to be set up for hiking and not bikepacking, so less gear to take. Our goal is to eat from our cooler so we spend less going out to eat, our only interest in food is going to “MERKIN VINEYARDS TASTING ROOM & OSTERIA” to try the pasta and to support another one of Maynard James Keenan’s businesses. In case you’re unaware, we’re fans of Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Tapeworm and every one of his other works. One of the biggest reasons that we’re a fan is not only due to his Lyrical Matercraftmanship, but also what he does for Arizona.

Now aside from going to get some food in Cottonwood and enjoying the old town area, we’re going to hike there, Sedona, and Jerome. We play to take a ton of photos, some videos and we’re even taking the GoPro with us. Yes, we’re excited!

Now after everything is packed up or prepped for the trip today I also plan to do some grinding on Overwatch. Since the migraines have weakened up a bit the stress is gone, I’ve been able to relax and focus better. PC Gaming has been a nice relaxation for me in between work and tending to things with The Munchkins. I have streamed here and there but as always, Twitch isn’t a big thing for us and never will be.

I’ve been grinding to get better at playing other toons and also work towards keeping my stress down. It used to be that I’d let chatter in the game and all of the cheaters in Overwatch stress me out, that was due to whatever was affecting me in such a negative way and has now slowed a bit. Each time I play now is sort of like an achievement or a personal goal to be able to enjoy the time played without getting stressed out.

Okay, short and sweet, it’s time to do some things. Hugs and thanks for the support, we wish you an epic adventure day and an awesome weekend. Oh, by the way, have you noticed that we don’t write about the latest iPhone feature or what idiot government official did in the news? Yeah, we don’t, we have our own content; lol. We cannot stand people who regurgitate all that crap and click bate to get traffic.

Thanks for reading!

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