An epic hiking weekend with Pugsley

Friday we headed out for an epic weekend adventure just me, Annika, and Pugsley. Our goal was to do some hiking and to visit all of the Maynard businesses all in the same weekend.

Hiking Jerome 2019
Hiking Jerome 2019

Before we headed out towards Cottonwood we stopped into Merkins Vineyards here in Old Town Scottsdale. Then we dropped Lilith off at her Pet vacation resort for the weekend. On the way to Cottonwood, we made a stop into Sunset Point to let Pugsley have a nice walk around, he was resting in the car most of the way there.

Pugsley resting before going hiking
Pugsley resting before going hiking

When we arrived at Sunset Point we got out to stretch our legs as Pugsley enjoyed the early morning air and the view of the mountains. He met a couple of other dogs and several people who walked past him telling him how cute he is.

Pugsley posing for photo at Sunset Point
Pugsley posing for a photo at Sunset Point

As we arrived in Cottonwood we were early and had to wait a while before checking into our room so we went out looking for a dog park and a place to hike a bit. We drove toward Old Town Cottonwood and Annika saw a sign that said “Dog Park”, so we went there. Pugsley had never been to a dog park yet, nor has he been hiking yet so this adventure weekend would be a lot for him to take it.

Pugsley had a blast in the dog park and the section of the park he had it all to himself as all of the other dogs were too big to be in with him. He ran and played, he drank tons of water and had several treats; he was in dog heaven.

After we finished up at the dog park we drove around the corner to find a hiking area that was dog-friendly. Dead Horse Ranch is an amazing state park filled with trails for mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing; you name it! They had beautiful cabins which we will be leasing on our next visit. The staff was very nice and meeting the rangers was fun too. We enjoyed a short hike around the lagoons for Pugsley’s first hike ever. The sand spots were getting a bit warm so we would pick up and carry Pugsley here and there, in the cool spots he would run and play.

After we hiked a little short distance with Pugsley at the Dead Horse Ranch State Park and The Jail Trail, we headed back to check in to our motel room, Best Western of Cottonwood.

The staff at the Best Western were so nice and very helpful, we enjoyed the few days there very much. Pugsley took a nap as we were sneaky enough to get out of the room and head over to Merkins Vineyard and Osteria to enjoy some of their epic food, this was one of the main reasons we wanted to come to Cottonwood.

Once we had some wonderful food in our bellies it was time to get back to our room and get a little bit of rest before the morning. As the next morning came (Saturday Morning), we loaded up some hiking gear and a cooler filled with ice-cold water to drive out to Sedona for some hiking.

We were so excited when we got into Sedona, we went to West Fork Trail to take Pugsley for his first “real” hiking adventure. Now Pugsley hadn’t been around a lot of people hiking, especially other people hiking with dogs. He did very well during this fun hike. At some point I had to grab the handle on his adventure harness and carry him across creeks, it was so cute. After a few times when we got to creak areas or rough spots, he just waited on me to grab the handle and drag him over it. We had so much fun together. Pugsley wrestled with the wet dirt by the water, ran through the mud, jumped over logs, he had a blast. So many people stopped on the trail to tell him that he was cute and that they couldn’t believe how well trained he was for his age. The Sedona hike we only went 2.1 miles in total so that it wouldn’t wear the little guy out.

When we finished up our hike in Sedona we started driving back towards our room in Cottonwood to get Pugsley back for some rest. We made a stop on the way to pick up some locally grown apples for a snack, they were yummy. Once we got back to our room and got Pugsley inside he passed out right away. We got cleaned up and headed out the door to do some hiking just Annika and me in Jerome.

We managed to do another 2 miles of hiking in Jerome while visiting the Puscifer store, Caduceus Cellars, and finally got to go into the Haunted Grand Hotel of Jerome and see the Asylum Restaurant.

Our vacation was perfect! Annika, Pugsley and I had a blast visiting 3 of our favorite cities. Before leaving we had some awesome Mexican food for dinner on Saturday night. We visited an awesome antique shop that was literally 2 acres of stuff.

Now that we’re back we had put up a new YouTube video to share our adventure with you all.

Over the next few weeks, I will be doing some indoor training on Zwift, RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours) and Peloton to get my legs back up to par for long-distance adventure cycling. I will be streaming some of the Zwift and RGT Cycling rides however most important the goal is for me to get back to riding 120-150 miles per ride. As for riding my bike outside, scheduling has been difficult due to training Pugsley and Lilith. So for the time being, outside bike riding will only take place for me when Annika is able to stay home with the Munchkins. The plan is that I can get maybe 2 days a week in riding outside and the rest will be indoors for a bit while we get Pugsley through his training and get Lilith to stop eat drywall.

Okay gang, thanks for following our adventure and we will post more soon. If you like what we’re doing and want to help us keep doing more, become a Patreon support. Many hugs and we wish you an epic adventure day.


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