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Alright, so we’re back from vacation and it’s time to get things back to a normal motion for our nutty household. Work started back for us today and we’ve got to get our workouts going as well. I’ve been debating Zwift versus Peloton for indoor or doing them both back to back and have come up with a good solution while I build my legs back up.

For the next few weeks, since the hot temperatures are here, I will be riding indoors more than anything. Peleton will be the first indoor solution since it is much harder than Zwift when it comes to long hours in the saddle or continuous pedaling. Annika and I have come to an agreement that since we’re still training the munchkins and it is almost impossible to leave them in our home by themselves, that I can use certain days to go ride long distances outside and she will watch them. Lately, Pugsley and Lilith have been chewing on our drywall if we leave them alone for even 5 minutes, we’re preparing a plexiglass project to protect the walls and keep them from chewing them anymore.

As for big bike rides or long-distance cycling outside, my biggest project or planned ride is to cross the state in October. This timeframe can change depending on financial and work schedules. One way or another this task will happen however the most important thing to us is to enjoy life together and spend less time focusing on anything other than that.

My health is still in the air, very slack doctors leaving us with no answers as they milk the insurance companies in between each next treatment they offer to end up getting nowhere each time. The hiking in Sedona helped a lot and now that we’re back home the congestion, sinuses, headaches and body pains are all back. The altitude difference helped so much over the weekend, I totally miss it.

Today my plan is to get the normal things done and to try to do a bit of Yoga and stretching. Starting tomorrow we will start indoor cycling on Peloton and from there I will attempt to get up to 50/100/150 miles per ride in stages. The most I’ve ridden on Peloton in a day is 30 miles so this will take a bit of effort.

Alright gang, short and sweet as I’ve got a lot to do today. Thanks for the support and we hope that you like what we do enough to share it with others. Have an epic adventure day.

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