Have you ever bitten into an apple and found half a worm?

Maybe you’ve started eating a sandwich and halfway through it, you find mold? How about the one time you poured your last bowl of cereal and once you started to eat it the milk was sour? Well if you’ve experienced any of these things then you can understand a little bit of how I feel every few minutes of the day, every day since 2019 started.

I know I’ve said it many times how bad this year has been, and we’ve met so many people who have had the same kind of year. If 2020 is anything like 2019, please let me leave this planet now. Before the 2nd week of January, Annika and I were so happy. Life was perfect and every plan we set into motion would be on point. We rode our bikes all the time and we started hiking which was very enjoyable. Since the 2nd week of January, something has always gotten in the way of anything that we try to do. From health issues, Marley passing away, our son causing nothing but problems, to Pugsley and Lilith constantly tearing up things if we leave the house for more than 5 minutes. I literally cannot step away from the munchkins at all. If we need to go somewhere together then Pugsley has to go with or our walls will be chewed up, and we have to put Lilith in a separate room that doesn’t have drywall.

Every morning Annika and I have a routine and when she leaves for her work, it starts to become impossible to do anything. Literally every 10 minutes I am having to stop Lilith and Pugsley from wrestling way too rough, stop Lilith from eating power cords, you name it; what on Earth has gotten into these two lately. This morning I attempted to get on peloton to do some indoor cycling. It was interrupted 6 times during the first 10-minute bike ride by Pugsley throwing his crate around the room. I ended up deleting that workout on the peloton and spending some time with Pugsley again to see what was his deal. The munchkins went to sleep so I started to pedal again on the Peloton bike and Lilith started biting Pugsley causing them to fight. During the writing of this article, I have to continue looking over at the two of them waiting to break them up from either starting to chew on the walls, cables, or playing too rough. What a morning.

Finally, my health is doing a bit better, I am still congested and stuffy which we cannot figure out why. So now that I can feel well enough to ride my bike at least indoors, there is interference. So yes, I found half a worm in the apple and I find one every day. It’s like life ended the 2nd week of January. Yes, Annika and I are very happy it’s just things that we enjoy doing are quite difficult to even get to do anymore.

There is some hope……. Pugsley starts training classes very soon and I cannot wait. He listens very well however when Lilith is around neither of them listens at all. They are just too playful which is fine however the size difference can make their playtime become deadly very quickly. Pugsley gets very excited and has grabbed my hand and tried to run with it. He loves to play, he is just majorly teething and hasn’t figured out easy bite versus rip your arm off.

Now in no way are we unhappy with our pain in the rear teenage acting puppy and kitten, they are just at that age that maybe we should cook them. LOL, Joke, haha. It is just extremely stressful when we have to do things and cannot let alone when we want to do something and cannot. We used to kick back to a movie or a TV show and now we cannot get through more than 10 minutes at a time without some sort of interruption.

Right now until these munchkins get out of their shitty stages and stop tearing up the house, life is off balance. My every day has to be indoors unless Annika is here which leaves cycling to only indoors until he days off and then we hope for a good day then so I can try to ride. I can at least play some PC gaming to help me keep my sanity. 6 matches I was able to play yesterday, stopping in between every match or in-game death to stop the nuttiness taking place with Pugsley as yesterday Lilith was a little under the weather with tummy issues.

We’ve been playing competitive Overwatch, yesterday when I did have a bit of time it went good.

Now it’s quiet, the munchkins are finally sleeping; fingers crossed. The things mentioned here are just the little things that have caused our daily life to be disrupted. The munchkins aren’t really that disruptive, they are just a real pain in the ass at times, however, we do love them. Life in 2019 has just been a really horrible shit storm thanks to things that happen in January and it is very hard to let some of them go, especially since Marley is no longer with us. We daily think about and miss Marley so much.

Time to start the day, more tomorrow. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.

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  1. Man, those would be some gone pets in my house. No chance I’d put up with that $#!+. None. You’re training them to act up. When they do, you coddle them, pay them attention. You’re literally teaching them to be bad. Lock ’em in a cage when they act up and get out of the house. That’ll teach them to behave.

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