That nap felt so good

Last night I didn’t get any sleep, dang heartburn kept me up all night; meds didn’t seem to do their job. After I got the morning stuff done I decided to take a nap and so did Pugsley and Lilith. Lilith laid down on my pillow and Pugsley on my feet and we enjoyed a long nap. These little munchkins have grown so much.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit and have decided to stop trying to push myself to do things. For a while now I’ve let the stress of not being able to do something make doing that thing not so enjoyable when I get to do it. Cycling for instance. The more I remember that something gets in the way the more I want to rush out the door and ride then the outcome ends up that I feel like riding my bike is just working on a task and it shouldn’t. So, for the time being, I am on break.

We have so many interests, riding long distances is 90% of my interest however I love other things too. Annika and I love comic books, collecting toys, playing games on pc and console. We love some anime shows and enjoy going to conventions. From time to time we get to see a concert or two. Point is, I’ve been stressing so much that we can’t get on our bike that I had forgotten the things that I can do while Pugsley is going through his training. PC Gaming! Overwatch and World of Warcraft are our favorite games on PC, on console “The Last of Us” is and will always be our favorite. Pugsley is about to start his training class for 6 weeks and after that class, he will start another one for 6 weeks and this will continue until every form of training that he can take has been completed. During that time I will be able to do a little bit of outside riding on my bike and a fair amount of indoor however I won’t be able to focus on super mileage until all of his training is done or when he gets passed some of the separation issues he is going through. There is an upside to this, maybe I should take a breather from riding just for a moment. Riding long distances costs a good chunk of funds in wear and tear and time. An average long-distance ride was taking between 9-12 hours. Right now we have so much going on in our lives that being able to devote that type of time to being away from our home is pretty hard to do 7 days a week.

So as for long-distance cycling, I am going to take a breather from trying to get a lot of it done and just ride as I have the time between now and when things settle down a bit around here. The fall is right around the corner and we will be riding and doing a lot of hiking. We will also be taking Pugsley on every hike to teach him and to get him used to it. So by taking a breather, this doesn’t mean that I will stop riding a bike, it just means that I’m not going to try to tackle major goals of any kind on a bike until the time is more on my side. We’ve spent thousands on tires, bike repairs, tubes, not to count time, special foods and equipment riding long distances. My bike used to get a tune-up a few times a week not to mention several tires a month due to gashes and rips in my tires from the roads. Just slowing down with this will help us to get our savings back to normal.

For right now, we will work out and ride our bikes indoors or outside as we have the time. When we can’t get to that then we will enjoy some pc gaming, some concerts, game conventions and more. The upside of that is we will always have good news to share on other content besides riding or hiking. Speaking of, we kicked some ass in Overwatch yesterday.

I reached Silver yesterday in Overwatch playing competitively. We’ve been playing since beta however it took us much longer than the average player since we have jobs, a home, relationships, a lot going on in our lives than just playing a game. It was so exciting to finally reach silver after all those years. Now we will be playing competitive 90% of our Overwatch playtime and Arcade only for our weekly loot boxes. We hope to play World of Warcraft again in the near future however that game is very time consuming and for the costs it just isn’t worth having a subscription all time.

Alright, short and sweet time to enjoy the rest of the day. Many thanks to our supporters, if you like what we do and want to become a supporter, become a Patreon today. Have an epic adventure day and we will see you tomorrow. Below are some videos from yesterday Overwatch fun.

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