Hoping to go for a bike ride tomorrow

First off, I’m not going to plan a bike ride tomorrow as every plan has been shot to shit since this year started. Annika and I have been working on a couple days here and there where I can be gone for a good amount of hours to ride and the munchkins will be there with her. So my fingers are crossed as to maybe bein gable to go for a 5-100 mile bike ride tomorrow depending on how things go. If I can ride 30 miles I’ll be happy.

I took my gear off my road bike
I took my gear off my road bike

Last night we enjoyed “The Secret Life of Pets 2”, it was very entertaining and just as good if not better than the first. 7/10 Stars or 4/5 Stars. We’ve been waiting to check it out and last night we finally had some time to enjoy it.

Today I am hoping to do a little bit of Yoga to get some nice stretching in and maybe a little bit of indoor cycling on the Peloton. My goal is to do a little work out so that I’m not so sore when I start pedaling tomorrow. It’s so weird to see my bike sitting in the same place since it’s last bath. After a short workout, I am going to enjoy my day with Pugsley and Lilith followed by some PC Gaming on Overwatch. Later today I will get my gear together for a good bike ride tomorrow so that all is ready if our schedule works out.

This is the video from my last bike ride.

On another note:

We will be upgrading our website to the next level here on WordPress soon. In doing so we aim to host our own videos since YouTube has literally gone to shit and continues to burn their users and not respond to any support tickets. Also, we need to upgrade to the next level since we are running out of space.

Time to make the donuts

Alright, short and sweet. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support, hopefully, tomorrow’s article will be filled with pictures and a video from the bike ride. Fingers crossed. Have a great weekend.

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