Pugsley starts training soon

It’s official, Pugsley has been enrolled in his first training course. For the foreseeable future, Pugsley will be takin ga class once a week to help him to be better behaved as well as to help teach him things to help him to be calmer when out in public. We’re pretty excited about the training courses. I know the courses start out at a beginner level though we did skip the first one since he knows all of the puppy basics. Once he goes through this first course he will immediately go into the next, sort of like going to school as our kid until he graduates all of them.

Pugsley's first visit to his new potty spot
Pugsley’s first visit to his new potty spot

There is a huge difference between the photo above (when we first got him), and the picture below (2 days ago).

Pugsley chilling outside
Pugsley chilling outside

He is sprouting up very fast and has almost reached his full size. Pomsky’s are supposed to be about 15 inches tall and 30 pounds, Pugsley is just over 20 pounds now and is not 6 months old yet.

Annika and I work with Pugsley daily on his training and have since we got him. He is very smart however at the same time he can be a real pain in the butt. He has the snotty behavior of the Pomeranian and the aggression of a Husky. He is very hyper and always ready to run, he is like me he doesn’t have an off switch. Pugsley is a wonderful puppy and listens very well 99% of the time when out of the house or away from Lilith and about 45% of the time when Lilith is around. The training classes will help him to better behave when Lilith is trying to get him into trouble as she does most of the time does.

Our goal with all of the training with Pugsley is so that he can be outside more with us and go most everywhere we go. We are not the pet owners who will take our pet into a food-related business knowing the health risk, however, we do plan to have Pugsley training as a service dog for me when my vision goes out fully. Most of the places we go are animal-friendly and if we’re going somewhere that isn’t we don’t take Pugsley with us. He loves to go for rides, he loves to run, play and hike; he also loves to swim. Tomorrow he will go swimming with us again, we’re all so excited.

Whelp, for now, I need to get Pugsley packed up for a road trip to pick up him some treats. Many hugs and thanks for the support, more updates tomorrow.

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  1. Keep in mind teenhood hits at 6 months for a dog and lasts for awhile. He might get tougher before he gets easier! But thankfully the training will help. Many folks I have to remind to get their young pup more exercise but that’s definitely not the case for your family!

    1. nope hehe. we work out a lot. many thanks for the tips here and there. Since Marley passed we do all we can to go an even further extra mile for Pugsley to give him the best home we can.

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