Keep a friend of ours in your thoughts

Last night we had a conversation with a long-time friend that we hadn’t heard from in a short minute. Our friends’ nickname or Gamertag is BalZar Harry. We are used to him vanishing from time to time as he looks after our country daily since he actively serves in the military. BalZar is a very dear friend and it is sad to know that just like us, his 2019 has been a complete horrorfest as well.

About 2 years ago while BalZar was in and out of town serving our military, his new home had caught fire.

A GoFundme page was put together to get the word out and to help raise to put their lives back together. Since then he has been getting just tons of things going wrong in life just like we have had.

Last night when we spoke it was great to hear our friends’ voice however sad to know that we were chatting due to his pet peacock has been going through some major health concerns. He filled me in with some of the issues it was going through and some concerns they had about them. I don’t wish anyone to have to see their pets suffer or to hear of anyone losing a pet. Currently, BalZar’s peacock is having some real life-threatening concerns and his family and their peacock can certainly use some good thoughts sent their way. Now we are not the praying type by no means however we do love our friend and wish nothing but good blessings towards them in this time in their lives and hope that you will as well. Many hugs and loves going out to our friend BalZar, his family, and his beautiful peacock.

We do not have a current photo of his peacock if we get one we will share it below. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for reading. If you’d like to leave any words for BalZar, please do so in the comments below as I am sure he will see them.

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