It was a nice ride after several flats

So my bike ride Sunday did happen and it was fun. Now I know I’ve mentioned it often how so many things just always get in the way since the 2nd week of January, so let’s count how many happen Sunday morning.

  1. When I started getting ready for the bike ride we instantly had 13 mph headwinds.
  2. As I was getting dressed for my bike ride I had a sore on my bum that hurt very much, seems to be an ingrown hair. Sitting on the saddle felt like I had a be stinging the entire time.
  3. After Jeff and I met up for our ride within the first couple of miles I had a flat tire on my indestructible tires. I have Continental Hardshells which are super tough to penetrate while also using super thick tubes with Orange sealant inside. Whatever pierced my tire it made a nice rip in the tube. After changing that tire we put in another tube and the tire lever broke. After the new tube was installed it wouldn’t hold air as it got pinched during the install and put a rip in the tube. So now two flat tires and installing the 3rd tube and we had no more co2. Finally, after hand pumping our brains out, we were finally able to get on the road over an hour later.
  4. I came back early from the ride as my newest tube was leaking air all the way home.
Early morning cycling
Early morning cycling

Once we finished repairing the tire and cleaning up all of the mess from the sealant going everywhere; we were able to ride. We made it to the new Midevil Times, cannot wait to visit is when it is open. We also rode our bikes behind the Odysea Aquarium and over to see the Talking Stick Resort Casino.

It was a nice chill ride and when I made it back home another issue happen. Strava and Bryton weren’t syncing. No matter what I did Strava wouldn’t post my bike ride. I ended up having to manually find the file inside of my Bryton bike computer and upload it myself. Strava has been quite the piece of shit lately. My last bike ride before this one Strava was crashing globally as they dealt with major syncing issues and as of yesterday Strava wrote to me to tell me that they have no idea of the syncing issues and they have never heard of Bryton.

As you can see from the pictures above that they have been dealing with syncing for a long time. In fact, they have been dealing with syncing issues with Bryton since 2012 while they decided to lie to me (a paying member). As of after our bike ride Sunday I am no longer a paying member or a supporter of Strava at all. My rides will continue to show up on Strava and I am currently putting monies aside for a Garmin GPS computer which is a current syncing issue at Strava as well. I have a Garmin Connect account and a RideWithGPS account. Until Strava fixed their mess and are honest with their users then I have no interest in supporting their site.

Now on another note besides all the nutty stuff that took place that tried to prevent me from riding my bike. When I returned home Annika and I ran a few errands even made it to Bike Barn to see Dave and pick up a few new tubes. We did our normal Costco shopping trip and stopped into Michaels to look into supplies for one of our projects. After all of the errands were done we took Pugsley swimming again when visiting family for our normal Sunday dinner. When we arrived and walked out to the pool, Pugsley immediately followed me right into the water. He had a blast running around the yard and jumping in and out of the pool swimming back and forth from Annika and me.

Sunday was awesome even though so much tried to get in the way, yesterday we all just relaxed to a nice dinner and some rest. We did try and play a little bit of Overwatch Sunday and Annika played a bit yesterday however it was flooded with some of the shittiest of human beings that we just stopped playing.

On a good note, time to get the day rolling. Huge thanks to our Patreon supporters and you for keeping up with what we’re up to. Have an epic adventure day and we will post again soon.

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