Hoping to do some bike room clean up today

Today is a day that maybe I can tackle a few items on the project list. One of the items most important is the gym/bike room that we need to rearrange. We’ve been looking into hanging our bikes so that we can fit more in there and to have a workspace to do any mechanical based tweaks to them. Several options have been on the idea of possibilities however we do have concrete walls so whatever decisions we make have to be pretty permanent.

Our office and living room changes are working out great, we still have a few little things to do to make it better however it looks great and does the job. Since we’ve put up a temporary wall it has helped quite a bit with keeping the munchkins out of the office. Now we just need to stop Lilith from eat our walls and tearing up things.

Pugsley starts his training classes soon and he has really been doing well with the crate training. After a bit more of the crate training, I will be able to go out and ride more on my bike; so far so good. I have debated riding indoors more but lately, the time off of everything is doing me good and was much needed.

On the cycling front, other than Strava replying via their Twitter, they have yet to follow up with me on the support ticket. Now I did get a comment about the post the other day on the Strava issue and haven’t had the time to respond. The Strava issue is much more than what was mentioned in the article and I personally speak to Strava on a common day to day communication regarding issues that the world doesn’t know about or does not get released. I did set up a service called “Tapiriik“, this helps with syncing between various cycling and fitness apps. This was when one service (ie: Strava) fails and the other doesn’t then it will continue every hour to push through the rides to make sure they go up on all platforms. My ride the other day never went up like it did on the last syncing issue. Usually when this happens and I have to manually add it, later I’d have 2 of the same items with different names and I’d have to delete one; not this time. Literally, Bryton and Strava are not working together due to coding errors between the two platform and both won’t fix or post facts about this problem. I am soon getting a Garmin device which is having syncing issues still with Strava dues to Strava’s delay in uploading. Again, either way, I have multiple services now to track rides.

Things have been chill for the most part lately as we await supplies to arrive for an upcoming project. We’re big-time looking forward to this new project to be underway and we do know that our release date on it is looking to be 2020. We still cannot let the rabbit out of the bag yet. As things arrive and we can make the adjustments in the gym/bike room for space, we will be able to get started.

Alright, time to get the day rolling. Many thanks for the support, more to come later. Have an epic adventure day.

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