Spent most of the day without power and now no air conditioning

So something happened today with some powerlines underground and above ground which causes most of our neighborhood to have no power for about 15 hours. The power company (APS) said that there were no outages in our area and their outage webpage said the same however when you call them the message tells you that most of the city was having the problem while APS avoided it. They came to our condo’s 3 times and on the forth, they actually fixed it and now since they fixed it, the whole complex doesn’t have air conditioning yet. 110 degrees sucks with no air conditioning.

So today’s goals were put on hold since just moving around would cause us to overheat. The upside of today is that some of our supplies arrived. Let’s see we have a stick blender, several pouring and measuring containers, and a long wooden box. Now we need to get some of the other items ordered over the next week or two while we make room in the gym/bike room.

Today since we have no air conditioning and not sure how long until they get it fixed, it’s a chill day. It’s a day to do all we can to stay cool. Fingers crossed! We’re gonna make it a simple movie and dinner night and early sleep time so we can get a good start on tomorrow. Right now I’m doing a little bit of pc gaming sadly it’s so toxic it isn’t worth talking about, lol.

Okay, well short and sweet. Have an epic adventure day and I will post again soon. Thanks for the support.

Chilin in Jerome Arizona | Family Time Adventures | MattyAndAnnika
Chillin in Jerome Arizona | Family Time Adventures | MattyAndAnnika

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