Preparing to start riding my bike daily again

For the time being, I am working to get my legs back to par. As of today, I plan to ride each day whether it be indoor on the Peloton, Zwift, RGT Cycling or adventure cycling outside. My goal is to get back to where I was when I was riding massive miles daily and enjoying it. Over the year so far so much has gotten in the way and has kept me feeling so down that riding was difficult; it’s time for that to change.

I cannot ride 600 miles a week right now, and I know that I cannot do what I was doing which was 450 miles a week. What I can do is ride each day whether it be 1 mile or 100 and try to progress from there. Now my bike has taken a lot of wear and tear on the tires, tubes, you name it however with the Peloton it allows me to ride indoors without wearing out my bike with a much harder workout in some aspects. If I include riding on the Peloton bike and some Zwift mixed with some RGT Cycling on my Wahoo Kickr Snap then I think that reaching 30-50 miles a day should be able to happen quite quickly; fingers crossed. This morning I’ve ridden 15 miles on the Peloton bike which is a nice start, tomorrow I aim to do at least that with hopes of doing 30 miles. If I can get up to 250 miles a week riding I’d be very happy.

So Pugsley starts his training this weekend and this will take place for 6 weeks and it is supposed to help with him being so emotional when I go out of the house. Over the last week, we have been working on crate training a bit more and he is taking to it very well. No issues with him at all lately with him freaking out or tearing things up, now it is only Lilith doing it. Maybe we should put some sweet and sour sauce on Lilith to fix that, lol joke. So the good news is one day at a time and he is going to be fine for me to go for long-distance riding soon. Now there is a lot of room in today to ride a bit more so maybe I can get another bit of riding in depending on how I’m feeling and how things go with work and the household (the munchkins).

Daily I dream about being out on the roads in the middle of nowhere on my bike. I dream about the Beeline highway and the first few times that I went out there. It’s such a beautiful road to me anyways. There is something about just going and having no destination in mind. The first time that I road the Beeline highway was on my mountain bike and oh my how it tore my legs apart and I loved it. When I made it back I was hardly able to walk but so happy and ready to do it again. The trip was about 80-90 miles and took me 10 hours with 1 bottle of water and some peanut butter Ritz crackers. After that, I had a road bike and was right back out there trying it again. That road costs us $1500.00 in bike tire damage over a 90 day period, lol. So may tires were destroyed with big holes and rips from all the metal shards out there but I kept going. The upside is after a little bit I found out the area that I was getting all the tire damage, the landfill entrance was right off the shoulder and I flew through that area which was why I always got a flat on the way back home.

Okay, enough reminiscing. So yes what I was saying, I am going to try and ride daily. Hopefully some outside riding very soon, at worst I can get some outside rides in on Sundays; fingers crossed. I’m just excited to be feeling well enough to get on my bike now that the migraines have gotten less painful.

Alright, time to do the thing. Many thanks and hugs for the support and may you have an epic adventure day today. More to come later, thanks for reading.

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