Day 2 back to back cycling and I feel much better

So far so good! Today is the 2nd day getting rolling on the back to back riding and I was able to get a little bit more than yesterday. Yesterday was 15 miles and today was 16.8, I know bot a big increase but thats awesome compared to how it has been so far. Tomorrow I aim to go a little further and slowly progress, fingers crossed. I do know that my legs already hurt which is a good thing, it shows I’m still alive and I can do some Yoga to make it feel better.

I was aiming to get on Zwift today however some good news happen last night and now we have a bit of room in our Gym/Bike room. So today the plan is to start getting the bike room organized and prepared for shelving and wall mounts for all the bikes. We’re setting up a mechanic station in the gym to better be able to work on our bikes for our basic needs and also a workstation for the up and coming product that Annika and I have been developing. Maybe tomorrow or this afternoon I can jump on Zwift just to get everything set up for next month.

Speaking on this coming month, Annika and I are going to see Breaking Benjamin again as their coming to town with Three Days Grace, woohoo. We seen Breaking Benjamin last year with Bad Wolves and Five Finger Death Punch, we’re looking forward to this concert. On the music front, we cannot wait for the new Tool album which pops out anytime now, oh yes; 13 years later it is gonna be awesome. I’ve been listening to it on Amazon Music this morning and we’re ordering the physical compact disc asap.

Also this weekend, Pugsley goes to his first class. He is gonna be wearing his graduation cap soon that we all think huh, haha. We just may have to find a dog graduation cap for when he does lol. Pugsley is doing so much better as each day comes, he has a funny schedule and he wakes ready to play by bringing all of his toys onto the couch while Lilith puts all of hers on the bed while she “meows” waiting for someone to throw something. That’s a typical morning for us, fun with the munchkins and giggling as we get the day ready to roll. My day today will be filled with getting the gym rearranged and preparing for some family time for the weekend.

On that note, time to do the thing. Have an epic adventure weekend and thanks for the support.

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