day 3 and I just got back from a nice outdoors bike ride

This morning started out with little sleep. I went to sleep at about 6pm last night and woke at 8pm and I’m still up. Pugsley and I had our morning playtime while I enjoyed some waffles until Annika got up. We had our coffee and I was preparing my bike to attempt to go outside for a short peaceful bike ride, and I made it out; beautiful riding in the dark.

The last 3 days I’ve been on a mission to pedal every day a little bit more each day as I build my legs back up. The first day was 15 miles, yesterday was about 17, and today was 18. Tomorrow will be at least 20 and hopefully in the ’30s or higher. Between yesterday and this morning, I did get the bike room rearranged to where we need it to be and now we’re waiting to stock the room with our supplies. So many good things in the works right now it’s insane.

Today is Pugsley’s first day of class and we’re pretty excited to see how it goes. Once I get back from the class I hope to take a quick nap to catch up on a few Z’s. We had a few minutes last night to enjoy a little bit of a TV Show and this weekend we hope to catch a movie or two, depending on how tired we are. I do know we were planning on doing some Yoga together and I may catch a Peloton workout or two today.

Short and sweet this morning gang as I just got in and out of the shower and now I need to put down some food. Many hugs and thanks for the support, more to come later. Until the next post have an epic adventure day and we hope your weekend rocks!


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