day 4 going strong and progressing on the bike riding

So far so good! This morning I was debating taking a day off of the bike to allow recovery however my legs felt good enough to ride more so I did. Almost 20 miles today so far and I am still debating doing some more indoor cycling on Zwift or Peloton shortly, depending on how today goes.


As you can see by the screenshot above that mile goal to progress each day is going well and I’m pretty happy so far. Monday will have to be more miles than today so depending on how much more I get the time to workout today will depend on how hard Monday that I need to push.

When I first started riding a bike, I took a few days off here and there and then when I reached the point that I was riding 50+ miles a day I never took days off. I was riding so much that everyone that knew me was saying that I needed to and a nutritionist got on to me about not eating enough to keep my body functioning. It was funny that the nutritionist came to me like that considering how hard I was pushing in cycling and the progression continued without issue until that person stepped in. When they came along they started looking at me as a cyclist of a kind that I am not. They sought to see me in racing which is no concern of mine. I learned right away how much to keep those type away and to move forward in my own happiness in riding as at that time is when my leg blew out due to adjustments made on my bike based on their words.

So on to what and why. Considering taking a day off here are there will be based on how life goes forward otherwise I have no plan in takin gany days off as I want to get my legs to where they were and be back to long-distance cycling as I so fully love to do. It’s time to go forward and push even when my body says no as my mind is the strongest muscle needed and it has the will to go above and beyond. So yes this little week of small mileage isn’t a lot of miles but it is a huge step up on a daily basis to getting back to what I was as a long-distance cyclist and what I plan to reach again. Hopefully, by next Sunday I should be riding 50+ miles minimum in a day.

I’m sure that it may take a lot of indoor riding for a little bit given training with Pugsley however as you can see by the photos above, I have no problem tackling long rides on Zwift. I just need to get back to that level again. September is my month to really start pushing and don’t forget that at the end of October I will be riding my bike across the state of Arizona and plan to accomplish it in under 3 days.

Okay gang, time to finish my breakfast and get things done around here. Maybe, fingers crossed, I may be able to get on Zwift shortly and try to get it rolling. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.


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