Pugsley did so well in his first training class

Yesterday was quite the day since Pugsley had his first training class. We’ve always trained our own pets however we wanted to do a bit more with Pugsley being all the adventures we plan to take him on. So far so good, so let’s get to how the day started.

Yesterday I went for a nice outdoors bike ride, a little short ride but it was nice and beautiful outside. 2:50am I was pedaling down the street enjoying the morning air and the streets were very quiet. After my ride which was 17.8 miles, I got back home to get yesterday’s quick article up so that I could get Pugsley ready for his first day of Pet School (training). So while we waited until time to go, Pugsley and I spent some time playing with Lilith while we worked on some of his commands in which he already knows.

Here are a few videos of me spending some time with the two munchkins.

Lilith and Pugsley love to play together, in the video above they were about worn out from playing together, lol.

So, the training class went well. Have you seen the movie “Marley and Me”? Pugsley was just like Marley in that movie. He made himself known as he spent most of his time trying to play with another dog that wanted to play with him. The upside is all of the commands we were learning yesterday, Pugsley already knew so this was a good thing. The main things that we still have trouble with are, barking a lot when in public, and getting extreme over hyper. Pugsley knows a lot of tricks and for the most part is very well trained, he just has his moments. After the first day of class, Pugsley came home and started passing out all over the house; all he wanted to do was sleep.

Pugsley was passing out after training class
Pugsley was passing out after training class

With the heat lately, Pugsley does a lot of his exercise running around the house or short runs outside and then running back inside for the air conditioning; which is working again. He tends to go out for a short 5-10 minutes and then come in to lounge around until he is ready to go again.

Pugsley passed out on the couch
Pugsley passed out on the couch

He loves to play with every toy he has and I do mean every toy, every day. When he wakes me one hour before my alarm every day, we go for his morning stroll to paint the town brown and water the grass; he feels it’s his duty to keep the grass properly hydrated. We come back in the house as I let him know that he woke me early however that I will start the morning dishes, he then starts to load the couch with every toy he has. Once he has them all on the couch he will grab one and run as fast as he can around the house waiting to be chased. Once he has our attention on chasing him with that toy he grabs another one and starts all over again. He is very active.

Lilith walks into the room…

Once Lilith walks into the room it is a whole new world of playtime. Lilith will tackle Pugsley and they will just absolutely go bonkers until they finally lay down with each other as Pugsley snores Lilith gives him a bath. This is the normal 1-2am every day. By the time the munchkins are starting to settle, Annika is in the process of finishing her Peloton workout as I’ve finished packing her lunch for the day.

So yes, the first day of training went very well and Pugsley has a long way to go when it comes to stopping with barking in public. The day was awesome and afterward, when Annika made it home, we kicked back to a nice meal and enjoyed the new Amazon TV Series “Carnival Row”; we love this show so far.

So far, 5/5 Stars or 9/10 Star rating. The series covers various things that Annika and I enjoy. I did get to play a short amount of competitive games on Overwatch when PC Gaming yesterday however it is the weekend so most of the gamers online are true trolls and asshats. I got a POTG with Baptiste which was worth it.

Okay so for the time being, I’m hopping off the computer to get some breakfast. I do plan to get a bit of pedaling in today however I haven’t decided if it will be outside or inside. Probably the Peloton bike this morning or maybe finally take the time to get my Zwift ride in, either way, I plan to get more than 17.8 miles in as each day I ride the goal is to do more while I build my legs back up.

Many hugs and thanks for the support, time for breakfast and some Yoga. Have an epic adventure day and be safe during this holiday weekend. More to come later.

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      1. I just did a DNA test on her and she’s Lab, border collie, poodle, and Australian shepherd. All “smart” breeds! You wouldn’t know it by looking at her. See photos on my post from yesterday.

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