day 5 and the bike riding progression is still going strong

This morning has gone pretty nice after a fair 4 hours of sleep. As I have committed to, I’ve ridden more miles this morning than yesterday and each day has gone further. This morning I made it to 21.2 miles and as of this point, I think my goal tomorrow should be 25 miles and we step up 5 miles each day?

2019-09-02 04_24_24-strava

We have a lot of things to do today and tomorrow, and over the next few days however, nothing that will stop me from at least riding inside to cover my goal. Today we’re having a nice dinner to celebrate “Annika Day” with family and at the same time maybe some swimming with Pugsley. We’re also taking Pugsley out on the town to get some new treats and just get out of the house.

On a side note, I need to step up my equipment for cycling. I’ve decided to start tracking everything health-wise so that I can become a stronger long-distance cyclist and to also be able to keep track of my health and stats. I’ve set up an account on almost every active based platform and linked them all together, the one thing that I’m missing is a Garmin watch since I gave Annika my Apple watch since hers broke. Also, I need to get a new Garmin bike computer, some new cycling shoes, a few new kits since I’ve outgrown 99% of them; the list goes on. Currently, I have 1 pair of Giant cycling shoes (don’t ever buy Giant Shoes), I have a pair of Bontrager MTB shoes, and my Peleton indoor cycling shoes.  We’re looking at Pearl Izumi shoes for all bike-related from here on out. Also, Pearl Izumi will be all my bib and jersey gear too. In the bike room I have equivalent to 7 kits and now only one jersey fits and 2 pair of shorts. Working out all the time with weights and Yoga has made other muscle bigger and not cycling while eating awesome has added weight in other spots, it’s called getting old; lol. So yes, time to upgrade some equipment and gear. Now our goal was to be buying our new bikes this passed June however this year hasn’t been kind to us as you should know by now so this will all happen at a later date. Right now my goal is to work on getting my body ready for long-distance riding and take each day as the epic adventure it is and no longer spend time-wasting on anything else other than that, Annika, the munchkins, family, and friends.

So, on to the plan of attack with this bike progression. I think it is best to reach 25 miles tomorrow and from then on each day must be a 5-mile increase until I reach 150 miles per day. However, if I reach 30 then the next day must be 35 etc. So that’s the plan, now it’s time to eat some breakfast and check my stats and insert my food into MyFitnessPal. Many hugs and thanks to our supporters and Patreons. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for reading.

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