day 6, was aiming for 25 and rode 30

Today was an awesome day out riding my bike with my buddy Jeff. Annika spent her morning with the munchkins so that I could head out for a bit. She is going to take some time off from riding so that her knee can heal up from hiking injury. The goal today was to ride 25 miles and thanks to my buddy Jeff I ended up riding 30 instead so that means tomorrow’s goal is to ride 35 miles, so I will be riding more than 50 miles minimal by Saturday.

Out cycling
Out cycling with Jeff

Last night was awesome, we had a day to just celebrate Annika with family and Pugsley. We went swimming for a few hours and had a wonderful dinner together. When we finally got home Annika and I ordered our new Garmin watches and a Garmin device for Pugsley. Today we have some errands to do and it’s all about enjoying life together and being happy. Pugsley has a bit of an upset stomach from the treats that the trainer recommended. He is okay though he is painting nice big brown stains in the grass.

Alright, short and sweet, more to come tomorrow after or before the 35-mile bike ride. Have an epic adventure day.

2019-09-03 10_29_09-strava-ride

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