day 7 and 35-mile bike ride accomplished

The goal was to ride 35 miles on my bike this morning and that goal has been reached, tomorrow the goal is 40 miles. So far I’m at 7 days in a row riding and I plan to continue every day for a while while I get my legs back to what they were. So far things are going pretty well and Pugsley is doing well for the few hours that I’m gone. We’re playing this by ear.

2019-09-04 06_07_59-strava new

Tomorrow our new Garmin watches and Pugsley’s Garmin device arrives, looking forward to seeing everything work as planned. Today we have some errands to take care of and I am awaiting my morning munchies to be done in the microwave so that I can get some rest later. Huge hugs to all that have been supporting and keeping up with what we’ve been doing and thanks so much to the 270 subscribers here on our website.

Alright, short and sweet. I’ll post more tomorrow right now the microwave just dinged and I’m starving, lol. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much.


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