Getting ready to ride my bike 35ish miles this morning

After an awesome fun bike ride with my friend Jeff yesterday it was time to get home to run our errands. I came home to the water being off and the air conditioning not working due to a tree being knocked down from the storm the other day. The cleanup team was removing the tree and found that the roots were grown around the main water line for the neighborhood, so it looked to be a rough ending to the bike ride however the day kept going good.

I cooled off a little while eating the lunch that Annika had made for me while I put together yesterday’s after the ride article and then we headed off into the hot sun. It was a car wash day, our car very much needed a cleanup since Pugsley rides in the back seat all the time on his blanket. So, we headed off to our favorite car wash and got it cleaned up right afterward we made a few stops in North Scottsdale to grab a few things. Once we were finished in North Scottsdale we headed over to see Dave at Bike Barn to see about him ordering me some new road cycling shoes. We were planning to get me some Pearl Izumi shoes though we found out that the bottoms of the shoes were nylon and Dave felt that since I like to go further, faster, that it wasn’t the right shoe for me.

Got my new road shoes
Got my new road shoes

As usual, Dave was happy to order what I had wanted but he always helped me see what I was getting and what I could be getting that was better for me, we love Dave. Dave looked through the listing of Pearl Izumi shoes to show me my options and then he showed me other brands of the same styles however none seemed to have what I wanted in a shoe. I was trying to avoid getting the BOA due to my concern of it breaking on me when out riding far away from home. He assured me that the BOA isn’t something that will just break on a whim. Yes, they could snap just like I could get a random flat tire out of the blew, everything is possible however it was going to snap without reason unless it had a lot of wear and tear. So, okay I tried on a pair of the Specialized Torch 2 Road Shoes; I’d tried them a while back and they were comfortable. After a few moments I decided that yes, these would be the shoes that I wanted.

My new road shoes
My new road shoes

So a few seconds later Annika said, we’ll take them. Dave pitched in some Bike Barn socks and we were ready to roll. I’m really excited to see how well these shoes work out this morning as my plan is to ride at least 35 miles. My legs aren’t sore yet and today is day 7 of riding every day with progressing more distance each day. So this morning the plan is to do some early morning in the dark riding, not to worry I have very bright lights; 1600 lumen and a 900 lumen on the front and lights on my helmet.

Alright gang, for now, it’s time for me to get the coffee going and to get some breakfast before I head out the door. More to come shortly and if I get a chance I’ll take some good videos and photos while I’m out. Have an epic adventure day and I will be back shortly.

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