day 8 and making it a recovery day

So last night after going to sleep at our normal time, Pugsley woke me at 9pm to go outside. My legs were hurting so bad that I’m surprised that I was able to sleep. I struggled to walk him outside and noticed that no matter how I moved everything wanted to charlie horse. Now I know that I haven’t been fully hydrated but I am doing better with my reminders to continue drinking water. Either way a couple of bottles of water isn’t gonna make it stop. So the plan today is to relax my muscles and go back strong tomorrow. Today was to be a 40-mile bike ride and since I am not riding today, tomorrow will be a 50-mile bike ride. I guess sometimes we get forced to take a day of rest. It’s funny cause I have MyfitnessPal,, and many other fitness apps and all of them tell me that I need to sleep; lol.

We function on 4-5 hours of sleep a day, most of the time we get a little less than that. Our lifestyle is very active and we make the best of every hour that we’re awake. Work and play go hand in hand in our lives so we make every day a full day adventure and take in all that comes with it. It typically starts with wrestling with our puppy and kitten to riding bikes, workout out in our gym, hiking, you name it. When we slow down it is only to take in a movie or a show before passing out for the day.

This morning since I’m to be resting my legs I am getting things done for work and home. A little extra cleaning, some reworking on my road bikes setup. I decided to put my stuff back on it since yesterdays ride I noticed it had some uncomfortable points. I added my arrow bars back and had to rework a few features so that everything went well.

We’re looking into various other items to add to our lifestyle such as health tracking. We are looking at the Oura Ring to track our sleep and we’re also looking at the Withings weight scale for better health tracking. These two items are going to be coming into our lives in the very near future.

On another note, my new road shoes fit very well and are very comfortable. It took a moment during the ride yesterday to get that new feeling out of them and I’m sure it’ll take a few days of wear and tear to get all the kinks out however it was a nice feeling to not feel like I’m gonna fall every time that I put my foot on the ground. Today our Garmin watches will arrive and Pugsley’s Garmin device will be here so it’s gonna be a tech device day around here. We’re looking forward to the watches since we’ve found out that my heart has been getting a lot more working out than we knew.

Not too long ago I mentioned of a bike ride in which I had a couple of possible mini-strokes while riding. Whelp it is quite possible that it was that however, it’s leaning more towards I push too hard and maybe my heart stalled a moment. At my age, my maximum heart rate is 175, according to I should cycling at 149-165 maximum which is 85% of my heart rate. Whelp, the reality hit yesterday when Strava showed warnings in my heart rate and showing that I’m severely kicking ass and taking names when it comes to pushing hard on a workout with my bike. My heart rate is reaching as high as 208 and has been averaging 165-180. So basically I’m using 100% to 110% of my heart’s ability while simply riding my bike on an enjoyable level which is causing soreness. So my heart feels like it has bruises like torn muscles or sore muscles. Apparently, cycling is the best cure and thing to do to keep my heart healthy so again according to, I’m healing myself by overworking myself lol.

So this is why I have been stepping up the tools to have in my life to monitor my health while riding my bike. From here on out I will have better statistics to keep a close eye on things as I progress in long-distance cycling.

Alright, well its that time. Some breakfast and get the day going. Thanks so much for the support from our Patreons and subscribers here on our website. We hope you have an epic adventure day and we will post again soon.


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