What a waste of time waiting for UPS to not deliver our package

So once again we had some plans in motion and now some things are a bit stalled and UPS once again not being able to deliver a package without being a day late or just fucking things up added to it. So we shop on Amazon and we love it! The only time we’ve ever had an issue when buying online at all, the culprit was the delivery which every time was UPS. UPS has not been able to deliver a package on time in 7 years. Every time we’ve ordered on Amazon and we saw UPS was the shipping carrier we literally cringed due to wondering if and when our stuff would arrive and how much of a hassle it is to always deal with them.

We contact Amazon on every occasion and sad to say we always get the standard response that they hate to hear of the problem and have we tried to contact them etc etc etc, same Ole shit. Now it isn’t Amazon’s fought that UPS just fucking sucks but they can stop allowing UPS as a delivering option which would be perfect! Maybe at least give the customer the option when checking out to “say no to UPS as a shipping option”. I do know that at this point any time that we make an order if it says that UPS is the shipping carrier then we’re gonna cancel the order and get refunded, we’re no longer gonna let that shitty company earn a buck from us. UPS is like the newspaper, POINTLESS to exist.

Amazon brought us one of our packages yesterday and they were several hours early. FedEx, when they are delivering, is always on time as well. We got an email this morning from UPS to say they will bring our package by the end of the day today, fuck UPS! If the package doesn’t arrive today then Amazon and the company we purchased from will be notified publically to let them know why we need a refund and to let them know that we can no longer purchase from any seller who uses UPS ever again.

Now on to other things. Today I’m waiting on UPS and working with Pugsley since his new collar came in yesterday. We got him the Garmin Barklimiter 2VT (alert and vibrate, not a shock collar). Now so far this collar is cute and all, however, it doing its job is looking very slim and their APP sucks so badly. We made sure not to get the collar that says safe stimulate, the kind words for “shock the shit out of your animal”. This collar simply beeps very quietly and vibrates with less vibration than a phone; so far Pugsley hasn’t been bothered by it. In fact, Pugsley was sleeping and the collar went off several times; he kept sleeping. We’re gonna give it a few days to see if this thing works, however, one day into it and it isn’t looking too good. More news on this after a week or so.

Today will be spent working with Pugsley and getting some things done for our website, Discord, and stream on Twitch. Currently, my neck is in bad shape and it is very hard to move it, some sort of pulled muscle or something. Oh also I wanted to say thank you to all of our awesome followers here on our website, you’re welcome to join our Discord and share your blog posts also, the link is in the footer of our site.

Have an epic adventure day everyone and thanks for the support.


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