Finally, our Garmin Forerunner 45 watches arrived, woohoo

Okay, so I’m certain that everyone has seen our mentions of UPS failing us yet again with delivering packages that we bought on Amazon. Yes, it is a fact that every package that UPS was involved in the entire time that we’ve been members of Amazon has always been late, lost, or the package was left at the wrong house on neighbors back porch. UPS has continued to be the shittiest delivery service on Earth and this has happened in every state that we’ve lived in for 7 years. We’ve begging Amazon to consider allowing customers the option to say no to UPS as a shipping option when going through the checkout steps, we are happy to pay for the shipping than to allow UPS to continue failing Amazon’s customers.

Our order finally arrived
Our order finally arrived, no thanks to UPS. UPS never shows up on time; they left our entire neighborhood block without packages as they just didn’t show up at all.

So on a good note, the package was only one day late and it took contacting the Press department of UPS to get something done since UPS support phone line no one would answer.

we love our new watches
we love our new watches

Our Garmin watches arrived safe and sound and we are thoroughly enjoying them. It would’ve been nice to thoroughly enjoy using them during a long bike ride that I had planned but since UPS failed us I had to pass on the bike ride until the package arrived. Now we’re learning how to use the watches while enjoying syncing it to the various health trackers that we use.

Lately, Annika and I have been focusing on keeping up with our health and workout progress for our own personal interests. With the Garmin Forerunner 45, it gives us just the right features that we needed without having another device that has all the same stuff as our iPhone’s. We love these watches, they are much better than the Apple watches that we have and with them, it connects all of the services we use for fitness and health.

So, what to take from this?

  • don’t ever use UPS for shipping
  • Garmin Forerunner 45 is an EPIC watch
  • Amazon is the best!

Alright, well time to work on today’s stuff. Many hugs and thanks for the support, more to come later. Have an epic adventure day and an awesome weekend.

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