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Okay, so tomorrow I am heading out early for a nice bike ride. My legs are feeling great and the migraines have slowed down a lot. I do still have stiff kneck however it is seeming to ease up, fingers crossed.

Cycling Fountain Hills

I love to ride my bike in the very early mornings. To see the beautiful Arizona streets with no traffic is such a beautiful sight. I wished I had a better camera and better eyes for that matter. Arizona is such a beautiful state to ride a bike in and the weather is getting so much better here for riding. Today it is in the 80s’ and feels wonderful, I hate I didn’t ride today however things were happening at home. This morning the power and water company turned off power and water to most of the neighborhood to fix the damage from the falling tree the other day. For the last week or so they have been on the property 24/7 to make sure we had stable power and water until they could get this fixed for good; props to them for their epic work. So since I knew that we’d have no power or water for several hours I stayed home and made the house as cold as it could get with all power off through the time remaining until they started. In doing that it made sure our munchkins were safe and cool for the outage. It was nice with the silence, so nice that Pugsley, Lilith, and I had a wonderful nap.

Now I have been looking into some new cycling clothing since I’ve grown out of most of mine. A few of my favorite brands are Pearl Izumi and PedelED of Japan. I’m looking over some possibilities of new bibs and jerseys that will make it for long distances given how most brands don’t. I do know that PedalED of Japan has some that will certainly do the trick given that most of the riders who use their gear are long-distance riders. Recently I got my new cycling shoes and they are awesome, I love them very much! The other day we got our Garmin watches, and not too much longer from now we will get new bike computers; certainly, Garmin will be the brand.

Ya know, when it is dark outside in some areas that I ride; you can’t see your hand in front of you haha. Okay, so I don’t know where I’m riding tomorrow I just know that I am no matter what. I do hope that Pugsley stops with his barking soon so that I can relax more when I’m out.

On another note, Annik and I are starting to do some running. Today starts a training course that we’re in and it’s gonna be epic. We’re simply making the best of every day that we’re on this planet.

More to come tomorrow, thanks so much for the support and if you get the chance; come check us out when we’re live gaming on Twitch. The link is in the footer of our website, have an epic adventure day.

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