We took a few days off to relax with our munchkins

We took a few days to simply chill and it felt so nice! In the last few days we kicked back to have some family time and play with the munchkins. We also did a bit of pc gaming on Overwatch, watched some Ozark, went to the movies to see It Chapter Two, and done a bit of swimming and running with Pugsley.

I must say playing Overwatch wasn’t so fun as we found several cheaters and one was caught by the entire team when the cheating player got Play of the Game and it showed their autoaim in the works. The player was using Widowmaker and in the POTG playback he looked at a player and they died while headshotting two other players while not even looking at them at the same time, then headshotting another player while he was being ult’ed on by Pharah; what a joke. It’s cool since Blizzard did punish them! Why people cheat in a game is just mind-blowing, it shows how worthless that person is in real life.

Aside from gaming, we took Pugsley swimming again and he is loving it. We picked him up a life jacket since he is still nervous about getting his head wet. Once we put the life jacket on and I walked into the water he jumped on the nearest float and cruised across the water to be near me. We spent about 2 hours swimming with him and then afterward he got out to go for a long run in the dirt. He had a blast digging and snorting sand, so funny; lol. Even after all of that, he was still full of energy. We got him dry and went in to have some dinner with family and Pugsley wrestled with anyone who would wrestle with him and devoured every treat that he got.

The following day we hooked up Lilith on her new harness and attempted to take her outside onto the grass, she doesn’t really like it outside other than to look. She sat in one spot for a bit while purring and then she slowly took a few steps until she decided she wanted to go back inside. Lilith isn’t an outdoors adventure kitty, she is an indoor crazy kitten.

These two munchkins just turned 5 months old on the 9th and they are a handful. Pugsley has decided that barking and light woofing is his new thing now. The most annoying yet funny thing about it is when you say no bark after he does it, he gets the last woof in. Lilith is still eating and clawing at the walls, she knows not too she just does it. She is really well known for waiting for Pugsley to get good and asleep and then cuddling with him, once she knows he is very comfortable; she bites him. Pugsley immediately wakes to say, dafuq?; lol.

Annika and I spent some time enjoying some tv time and we made it on a date to the movies yesterday to see “It Chapter Two“. We’ve also been enjoying our new Garmin Forerunner 45 watches very much. On another note, we’ve also been playing PokemonGo for those of you that play feel free to add us.

  • my code is 6655 1256 6012
  • Annika’s code is 5908 4771 2945

We already play with Jason and Suzy Shells. We play PokemonGo daily even while we’re out riding our bikes, it’s just simple enjoyment while out and about. We play several other app games on our phone also so feel free to ping us in the comments to link up on others.

Alright, well short and sweet, it’s time to get a few things done today around here. Huge thanks go out to those people that actually read our posts and not just go down the list and click like after all this isn’t facebook. Have an epic adventure day and we will post again later.

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