A running class, a solid nap, and back on the bike

Tonight will go by pretty quick as we only have a couple of hours left before we go to sleep. Not too much longer from now, Annika and I will do our second running class which is 20 minutes and then come back home to enjoy dinner. We will spend some time with Pugsley and Lilith and maybe enjoy a TV show or a movie, then off to bed for an early wake-up.

Our day starts at 12:30am and ends around 7pm, the fitness apps we have constantly tell us to sleep. In the morning Annika will start off her workout on Peleton and then I’ll take Pugsley for his morning walk before getting my gear ready for a nice bike ride. Today I rode 20 miles so tomorrow I’ll ride 30 or more. This morning was just a chill warm-up and tomorrow is a nice climb day.

Hiking the Mormon Trail in South Mountain | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika
Hiking the Mormon Trail in South Mountain | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika

Right now the only hard thing to try and contemplate is what’s for dinner. Maybe breakfast for dinner, or maybe go out somewhere quick. Either way, something quick so that we can rest up. We’ve been tracking our daily lives through Gyrosco.pe, Garming Connect, Strava, MyFitnessPal, and a few others; we’re also looking into getting an OuraRing. Tracking our health is really helping us, and for me, it’s a bonus given all of the health problems I’ve dealt with over the years.

A few years ago I was only 130 pounds and at that time that was a huge upgrade as one day, my weight went from 170 to 108. Yes, that meant my health took a shit on me. It wasn’t helping that since pain and my health were going to crap that I was self-medicating to keep my head on tight, I’m a super multitasker even when hammered. Back in those years, we were always worried about what was wrong since the doctors could never give any answers. One day my arm went to sleep for a year and again the doctors never found or told us anything. When that happen my weight was back up to 130-135 and stayed that way for a long time. I was no longer self-medicating, I had stopped smoking cigarettes, and I also changed my diet. Here I am almost 4 years after I changed my diet and I’m 164 pounds and extremely health, yes I have a few health issues but my body is strong. I haven’t self-mediated in more than a decade, and I believe we’ve been no smoking for somewhere between 6-8 years maybe. We also don’t vape, we only take medications that are needed for us to be breathing. We eat very well and are extremely cautious about everything we put in our bodies. Those few steps fixed my body. We don’t eat any fast food, we’re vegetarians to some degree. We work out every day even if it just a short walk or some stretches. Now we focus each day on anything more we want to do in life and aim for that.

So that’s why I track my health, why do you track yours? or do you?. A couple of health issues left to live with as exercise will not fix them however each day I’m stronger and we will forever be watching what goes in our body which includes those medications they try to push on us.

Okay, before I get off topic like always lol. I’m looking forward to a nice bike ride tomorrow and I’m thankful that today went so well so far. Huge thanks to our Patreon supporters as without you guys we would be out of room on our website, we have to upgrade immediately so that we can continue to post. If you dig what we’re doing,m share us to everyone you know. Hugs to our 274 followers here on WordPress! Have an epic adventure day everyone and we will post more again soon.


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